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  1. Darius Gal

    Ask Proper Measures

    Things were happening fast enough to make Darius' head spin. Before his trip to Onderon, the clawdite had been a minor player in Zaa Fenn, a mere scoundrel...albeit one with good ideas. ThorneWatch had been his idea, almost starting out as a joke. He and a few others within the KnowOnes had been...
  2. Darius Gal

    Ask Aftermath

    When the Crymorah Syndicate wanted something, truly wanted something, they were extremely fast to move. Darius had been on Onderon because of the Senate proceedings because of the almost immeasurable amount of government data being sent about over the holonet. When the Senators chose a planet to...
  3. Darius Gal

    Ask Corellia Gambler's Folly

    The streets and skyways of Corellia hummed with activity as commuters hurried their way home, to dinner, or to evening shift positions. Glittering lines of airspeeders filled the dimming evening sky like a golden lattice of blinking lights. Darius was not here to sightsee or be a tourist. No...