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  1. Mockingjay

    Location Mordeth's Palace

    Mordeth's Palace || Ord Mantell, Mid Rim Mordeth's Palace is a large Hutt palace built into the mountains of Ord Mantell's polar regions. The palace serves as the headquarters of her criminal empire and her stationary home when she is not on her ship, the Opulent Pearl. The palace is both a...
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    PvP A Meeting in Debauchery OOC

    Works, thank you!
  3. Mockingjay

    PvP A Meeting in Debauchery OOC

    Hey @Charles! Just making this to note: that flamethrower wouldn't have just set his jacket on fire. It would have engulfed most of his clothes at the very least. Also I'm confused about your timing. The guards are firing at the same time Mordeth is spewing flames. So those shots would've hit...
  4. Mockingjay

    Location Organization Boonowa Orphanage

    Boonowa Orphanage || Dac City, Mon Cala An orphanage built and run by Mordeth Anjiliac Massri after the Hutt ringleader announced aid for the people of Mon Cala who were ravaged by Za Fenn's terrorist actions on the planet. While originally having opened its doors to the orphans left behind by...
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    Rank-Change Thread

    Character Name and Subaccount Link: @Mordeth Anjiliac Character Profile Link: Mordeth Anjiliac Character Age: 337 Current Rank: Scoundrel Rank Seeking: Ringleader Notable Deeds: Since her debut on the criminal stage, Mordeth has taken over the underworld of Ord Mantell with the help of hired...
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    Armor Mordeth the Hutt's Armor

    MORDETH THE HUTT'S ARMOR Mordeth Anjiliac Massri's armor is based upon the armor of a heroine from the Hutt Cartel's past: the warlord Myarga the Hutt. It consists of durasteel breastplate that covered most of the Hutt's chest, back, and shoulders. It also consists of a pair of metal armbraces...
  7. Mockingjay

    Ship Opulent Pearl

    Opulent Pearl AFFILIATION Mordeth Anjiliac Massri MANUFACTURER Kalevala Spaceworks CLASS Nau'ur-class yacht ROLE Mobile palace COMPOSITION Durasteel and transparisteel DIMENSIONS 125 metersCREW 2 minimum, 5 optimal PASSENGER CAPACITY 40 CARGO CAPACITY 40 tons HANGAR CAPACITY Two (2)...
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    Organization Hutt Cartel Ranks

    I tried to clarify some of the writing from the original post @Phoenix, but, as always, let me know if further clarifications, rewordings, etc., are needed!
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    Organization Hutt Cartel Ranks

    Hutt Cartel Ranks Hutt Grand Council Oyabun The elected leader of the Hutt Grand Council and the faction leader of the Hutt Cartel. The Oyabun sets the agenda for the Cartel and determines its direction. The Oyabun also holds executive authority over the Cartel's military and navy and can...
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    Rank-Change Thread

    Character Name and Subaccount Link: @Mordeth Anjiliac Character Age: 337 standard years Current Rank: Scoundral Rank Seeking: Daimyo Notable Deeds: She has declared Ord Mantell her territory and established her criminal enterprise there. I figured this would be a better base-rank for a Hutt...
  11. Mockingjay

    Interest Check Congress of Ubrikkia

    Name: @Mordeth Anjiliac Faction: Five Syndicates - Hutt Cartel Representing: Anjiliac kajidic Jubjub Rules Read: Yep!
  12. Mockingjay

    Location The Menagerie

    -The Menagerie || Hutt Residence- . . The Menagerie is a Hutt Cartel dance club and brothel located in Ord Mantell City on Ord Mantell, owned by the Hutt daimyo Mordeth Anjiliac Marsii. The establishment is famous among those attracted to male beings for its male Twi'lek dancers. However...
  13. Mockingjay

    Five Syndicates Mordeth Anjiliac Massri

    Reach & Influence As a budding crime lord in the Five Syndicates and aspiring Lorda of the Hutt Clan, Mordeth Anjiliac Masrii has some small reach and influence. This post serves as a record of her reputation and will be periodically updated with new developments. Daimyo of Ord Mantell - The...
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    Five Syndicates Mordeth Anjiliac Massri

    -Mordeth Anjiliac Massri || Hutt Cartel- . . Mordeth Anjiliac Massri was a female Hutt and a member of the Hutt Cartel that was itself part of the so-called Five Syndicates. Born into the Anjiliac kajidic on Nal Hutta, Mordeth was third in line as heiress to her family's criminal empire. But...
  15. Mockingjay

    Weapon Angar Thorn's saberstaff

    Angar Thorn's saberstaff AFFILIATION Crimson Dawn. MANUFACTURER Angar Thorn. SIZE Hilt length - 49.5 centimeters. WEIGHT 3 kilograms. COMPOSITION Durasteel. WEAPON TYPE Lightsaber. DAMAGE TYPE Melee. KYBER CRYSTAL Krayt dragon pearls. BLADE COLOR Orange. MAX RANGE Reach. DESCRIPTION...
  16. Mockingjay

    Resource Wildfire

    -"Wildfire" || Lilac Thorn- . . Wildfire is a drug invented by former Sith turned Syndicate drug cook Angar Thorn combining chemistry and Sith alchemy. The drug derives from a strain of the lilac plant found on many worlds throughout the Outer Rim. The original plant can be used in harmless...
  17. Mockingjay

    Five Syndicates Angar Thorn

    -Angar Thorn || Crimson Dawn Enforcer- . . Angar Thorn was a male Zabrak Dark Jedi and former Sith who became a criminal in the Crimson Dawn syndicate. He began his criminal career as an enforcer and drug cook for Crimson Dawn after disagreements with the Sith Eternal's imperialization drove...
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    Mockingjay's Armory

    Mission Rewards for Mordeth the Hutt's criminal empire About Mordeth the Hutt's criminal empire is an organization within the Hutt Cartel under the leadership of Daimyo Mordeth Anjiliac Massri. This means it is more akin to a sub-faction than a faction in its own right. As Mordeth is a member...
  19. Mockingjay


    Hi everyone! Just wanted to post an update for those who I usually thread with/talk to on Discord. I've been experiencing some pretty heavy burnout when it comes to my main character on the site for quite awhile now and it, combined with a lot on my plate in-real-life and a recent illness, has...
  20. Mockingjay

    Will try to post tonight! Finals are killing me 😭

    Will try to post tonight! Finals are killing me 😭