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  1. Taz

    Taz's Random Dice.

    100: Critical success. 81-99: Rousing success. Everything goes better than expected 51-80: Success. Everything goes as planned 26-50: Barely a success. You succeed in your end goal but take some sort of negative in doing so 11-25: Mild fail, fail with some minor consequence 2-10: Major fail...
  2. Taz

    Sith Empire Zara

    NAME: Zara FACTION: Sith Order RANK: Marauder SPECIES: Dathomirian AGE: 20 GENDER: Female HEIGHT: 5'4" WEIGHT: 120 lbs. FORCE SENSITIVE: Yes BIOGRAPHY: Zara was a Dathomirian warrior of the Dreaming River Clan. After discovering her strong connection to the shadow. Zara was chosen by her clan...
  3. Taz

    Armor Covax's Personal Armor.

    Covax's Armor After his old clone trooper armor was destroyed during a job for Blackwell Tech. The mercenary known as Covax decided to customize a set of the aptly named "Henchmen" armor. Like the original, the bulk of the armor plating is hard duraplast with blast resistant coatings. While the...
  4. Taz

    Five Syndicates Shane Covax

    NAME: Shane Covax FACTION: Five Syndicates (Zaa Fenn) RANK: Enforcer SPECIES: Human AGE: 36 GENDER: Male HEIGHT: 6'4" WEIGHT: 300 lbs FORCE SENSITIVE: No BIOGRAPHY: The mercenary better known as "Covax", was a bounty hunter and gun for hire. Orphaned as a child, Covax entered the FWA military...
  5. Taz

    Sith Empire Aziz

    NAME: Aziz FACTION: Sith Order RANK: Marauder SPECIES: Human AGE: 30 GENDER: Male HEIGHT: 6'6" WEIGHT: 300 lbs FORCE SENSITIVE: Yes BIOGRAPHY: Number 0026, or so he was branded. Taken from his slave parents from some backwater world as part of the Cadre Project. Broken, beaten, tortured and...
  6. Taz

    Taz's new workshop.

    Covax stuff - Eva & Izzy
  7. Taz

    Independent Aden Dezker

    NAME: Aden Dezker FACTION: Independent RANK: Mandalorian Reputation: 1 SPECIES: Human AGE: 25 GENDER: Male HEIGHT: 230lbs WEIGHT: 6'4" FORCE SENSITIVE: Negative BIOGRAPHY: Aden Dezker was a Mandalorian mercenary who lived during the Force Eternal area. A foundling, Aden raised by a clan of...
  8. Taz

    Five Syndicates Kane Nova

    NAME: Kane Nova FACTION: Five Syndicates RANK: Scoundrel Reputation: 1 SPECIES: Human AGE: 25 GENDER: Male HEIGHT: 230lbs WEIGHT: 6'4" FORCE SENSITIVE: Negative APPEARANCE: Fare skinned with short dark brown hair and a rugged goatee. Taller than average, muscular and well toned. He's built...
  9. Taz

    Sith Empire Castus Shan

    NAME: Castus Shan AKA: FACTION: Sith Eternal RANK: Marauder Reputation: 1 SPECIES: Human AGE: 22 GENDER: Male HEIGHT: 220 lbs WEIGHT: 6'4" FORCE SENSITIVE: Confirmed APPEARANCE: Standing a little taller than an average humanoid, with a cut and athletic frame formed by years of training and...
  10. Taz

    Weapon Sin's Lightsaber

    Sin's Lightsaber AFFILIATION Sith Eternal - Knights of Ren MANUFACTURER Sin Windrider SIZE Handle: 24cm, Blade: 1-2m WEIGHT I kg COMPOSITION Titanium WEAPON TYPE Lightsaber DAMAGE TYPE Melee AMMUNITION CAPACITY N/A FIRE SELECTOR N/A MAX RANGE Melee DESCRIPTION Sin's constructed his...
  11. Taz

    Armor Sin's Ren Armor

    Sin's Personal Armor A suit of light armor made by Sin Windrider in the customs of the Knights of Ren. The suit consists of a worn silver duraplast helmet, modified from an original Mandalorian helmet. The t-visor and face plate modded with a voice scrambler, rebreather, and upgraded HUD...
  12. Taz

    Sith Empire Sin Windrider

    NAME: Sin Windrider AKA: Balal Ren FACTION: Sith Eternal RANK: Legionnaire REPUTATION: 1 SPECIES: Echani AGE: 25 GENDER: Male HEIGHT: 6'4" WEIGHT: 220 lbs FORCE SENSITIVE: Confirmed APPEARANCE: Sin stands just slightly taller then an average humanoid. A pale white skin tone, blue-grey eyes, and...
  13. Taz

    Armor Dax Rau's Armor

    ARMOR NAME Initially beginning as standard issue heavy Beskar'gam, Dax has taken steps to further customize his heavy iron skin with features that are not seen on standard issue armor. Including restricted or illegal technology functions and some mildly altered coverage. An H-harness has been...
  14. Taz

    Dax Rau

    Character Account Deeds:
  15. Taz

    Independent Dax Rau

    NAME: Dax Rau AKA: FACTION: Indie Mando RANK: Mercenary Reputation: 1 SPECIES: Human (Galtea) AGE: 25 GENDER: Male HEIGHT: 6'6" WEIGHT: 230 lbs FORCE SENSITIVE: Negative APPEARANCE: Standing taller and more imposing then the average humanoid. A light brown skin tone, dark brown eyes, and...
  16. Taz

    Yavin: Infiltration OOC.

    Cause we'll need this soon enough. @Morse
  17. Taz

    Asher Windrider

    NAME: Asher ALIAS: Windrider FACTION: Independent RANK: Jedi Exile LEVEL: 1 SPECIES: Human AGE: 20 GENDER: Male HEIGHT: 6'2" WEIGHT: 200 lbs. FORCE SENSITIVE: Confirmed PERSONALITY: As a youngling he was born to subsistence and kidnapped to serve the likes of other. Only to be saved by those...
  18. Taz

    Baal Emari

    Baal Emari NAME: Baal Emari AGE: 24 SPECIES: Zabrak HOMEWORLD: Kessel FACTION: Sith Empire RANK: Acolyte DISTINGUISHING FEATURES: Tattoos over his entire body. HEIGHT: 6'4 WEIGHT: 225 lbs SKIN COLOR: Red EYE COLOR: Yellow/Red Character Information Baal was discovered in a slave...
  19. Taz

    Spice World

    Character Name and Level: @Dax Rau Lvl 1 Character Rank: Supercommando/Watch Captain Name of Plot: Spice World Participants in the plot (Character accounts): @Dax Rau @Radth Kelborn @Brianna Saxon @Koil Solus @Drace Solus @Arturo Solus Intended Outcome of Plot: Defeat the Pykes to take control...
  20. Taz

    Death Watch [Sub-Organization]

    Death Watch Overview Extremists, Terrorists, Mercenaries. Death Watch is perhaps all of these things, but not without a purpose. A sub-faction withing the Mandalorian military. Elite warriors, called to act and risk life and honor to complete the mission. Using tactics that many consider to...