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  1. Reyn

    Independent Raz Chak

    Raz Chak AGE ► 65 SPECIES ► Human HEIGHT ► 6'0" WEIGHT ► 185lbs. EYE COLOR ► Hazel HAIR COLOR ► Grey HOMEWORLD ► Carida GENDER ► Male FACTION ► Independent RANK ► Senator FORCE SENSITIVITY ► Negative BIOGRAPHY Raz was born on Carida in 79 ABY, the son of two career military officers. The Chak...
  2. Reyn

    Independent Kurssk

    Kurssk AGE ► 40 SPECIES ► Trandoshan HEIGHT ► 6'8" WEIGHT ► 210lbs. EYE COLOR ► Red HAIR COLOR ► N/A HOMEWORLD ► Trandosha GENDER ► Male FACTION ► Independent ROLE ► Game Hunter FORCE SENSITIVITY ► Negative BIOGRAPHYBorn on Trandosha, Kurssk’s upbringing was typical of his kind. He was...
  3. Reyn

    Ask Attack on Titan: Hope for the Hopeless

    100th Cadet Corps Southern Division Training Grounds Year 845 The silence of the forest was broken by the sound of metal cables screaming forward, grappling hooks imbedding themselves in the nearest tree trunk. With the pull of a trigger compressed air fired from the rear of a strange...
  4. Reyn

    Independent Tegan Keel

    Tegan Keel AGE ► 17 SPECIES ► Human HEIGHT ► 5'9" WEIGHT ► 155lbs. EYE COLOR ► Blue HAIR COLOR ► Black HOMEWORLD ► Terminus GENDER ► Male FACTION ► Independent ROLE ► Mercenary FORCE SENSITIVITY ► Negative BIOGRAPHYTegan was born on Terminus, a planet at the very edge of the known...
  5. Reyn

    Armor Kliedden Raxx's Custom Armor

    KLIEDDEN RAXX'S CUSTOM ARMOR Designed and constructed by the bounty hunter Kliedden Raxx, this armor was made for the purpose of combating sentient opponents armed with blasters and worse. The primary component of this uniform is a light armorweave supported by maalraas hide acquired by Klied...
  6. Reyn

    Independent Alsuna Sylias

    Alsuna Sylias AGE ► 31 SPECIES ► Human HEIGHT ► 5'8" WEIGHT ► 140lbs EYE COLOR ► Yellow HAIR COLOR ► Auburn HOMEWORLD ► Fondor GENDER ► Female FACTION ► Independent ROLE ► Dark Jedi FORCE SENSITIVITY ► Positive BIOGRAPHYAlsuna was born to an impoverished family on the industrial world...
  7. Reyn

    Independent Captain Trev Watam

    Trev Watam AGE ► 34 SPECIES ► Human HEIGHT ► 5'10" WEIGHT ► 158 lbs EYE COLOR ► Grey HAIR COLOR ► Black HOMEWORLD ► Serroco GENDER ► Male FACTION ► Independent ROLE ► Cargo Pilot FORCE SENSITIVITY ► Negative BIOGRAPHYTrev was born and raised on the planet Serroco in the Expansion...
  8. Reyn

    Attack on Titan (Interest Check)

    With Attack on Titan now in it's final season I've returned to the anime, and I think the setting is perfect for some action heavy rp. In particular I absolutely love the ODM combat and I think it would be a ton of fun to thread as a squad fighting against titans in the earlier parts of the...
  9. Reyn

    Ask Mass Effect: Seven Sentinels

    Pyre, Terminus Systems 2183, Six Weeks after the Battle of the Citadel Aspiration Colony If Zol didn’t know better, he would have thought Pyre was already at war. Aspiration wasn’t a particularly large town, but it was just as busy as a Liveship. Colonists from all across the planet had...
  10. Reyn

    Mass Effect: Six Sentinels (OOC Thread)

    The Setup Colony Name: Pyre Species: 98% Human, 2% Other Capital: Aspiration Founded: 2164 Population: 1.8 Million Description: As its name suggests, Pyre is an exceptionally hot world with an uninhabitable equatorial region. Colonists have succeeded in establishing stable settlements...
  11. Reyn

    Mass Effect (Interest Check)

    To all the Mass Effect fans out there, and anyone else who just likes good sci-fi, @Catbert and I are planning to do a Diverse RP set in the Mass Effect universe and are looking for other interested players. We don't have a concrete concept ready just yet, but the plan is to have it set in the...
  12. Reyn

    Reyn's Dice Roll Database

    100: Critical success. 81-99: Rousing success. Everything goes better than expected 51-80: Success. Everything goes as planned 26-50: Barely a success. You succeed in your end goal but take some sort of negative in doing so 11-25: Mild fail, fail with some minor consequence 2-10: Major fail...
  13. Reyn

    Interest Check The Gathering - Mygeeto

    Hey everyone, Izel Thral and her apprentice Isen Ramm are heading to Mygeeto on a hunt for kyber crystals for lightsaber construction and other Padawans are welcome to come along. While you don't need to rp the Gathering in order to get your own lightsaber it's still good for character...
  14. Reyn

    Bugs & Issues Double Post

    Not sure what happened but one of my posts in this thread got posted twice. Tried to delete one and it deleted both. Anyway that could be fixed without me having to rewrite the whole thing?
  15. Reyn

    Star Wars: Broken Balance Dice Thread

    100: Critical success. 81-99: Rousing success. Everything goes better than expected 51-80: Success. Everything goes as planned 26-50: Barely a success. You succeed in your end goal but take some sort of negative in doing so 11-25: Mild fail, fail with some minor consequence 2-10: Major fail...
  16. Reyn

    Ask Star Wars: Broken Balance

    General Rami Vaan 615th Strike Battalion Orbit of Charros IV 19 BBY It was happening again. He could hear nothing but the sound of his harried breathing, feel his heart thumping painfully in his chest. Through dazzled and blurry vision he watched the hauntingly beautiful carnage of space...
  17. Reyn

    Family House Raxx

    Pictured Above: Capital City of Iziz, Onderon House Raxx is a noble family based on Onderon. Able to trace their lineage back to the first settlers of the jungle world, the Raxxes are proud and far reaching within their home system. Having interbred with many of the most powerful families on...
  18. Reyn

    Curse's Reputation Tracker

    Character Profile: Here Character Subaccount: Here
  19. Reyn

    Independent K3-R5 "Curse"

    K3-R5 AGE ► 163 MODEL ► Pistoeka Sabotage Droid HEIGHT ► .6 meters WEIGHT ► 4 kilograms HOMEWORLD ► Colla IV GENDER ► Feminine Programing FACTION ► Independent RANK ► Mechanic/Saboteur FORCE SENSITIVITY ► Negative BIOGRAPHYK3-R5, more commonly referred to as "Curse", saw her first battle in the...
  20. Reyn

    Droid Pistoeka Sabotage Droid

    Pistoeka Sabotage Droid Affiliation: Various Manufacturer: Colicoid Creation Nest Class: Sabotage Droid Locomotion: Quadruped legs, maneuvering jets Power Supply: 48 Hour Rechargeable Power Cell Sensors: x3 Photoreceptors with multiple filters x1 Audio Sensor x1 X-Ray Sensor Size: .6...