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    A Return to Free(Form) for SWRP

    I haven't really roleplayed on the site much since the 5th Timeline. I'll make a character, do a few threads and then RL stabs me in the back and I'm back to lurking. A sub account has never been a barrier to me RPing a character. A simple profile posted and the 2 minute process to set the sub...
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    Sith Order Kyle Stewart

    @TweedPawn Officially approved!
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    @Ihsan997 Hey there, I'm going to go ahead and move this to the workshop so you can make the changes you want and then we can look at resubmitting it for review/approval.
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    Sith Order Gram “Gale” Van Alasdaire

    @Aurius Good evening! So for starters, there are some aspects of the character history that don't fit with the history of t he Sith Eternal. I recommend taking a look at the write up available here and get a feel for the origins of the faction. Wit is correct in stating that there was no...
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    Please be gentle : )

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    Independent Milash Herren

    @Nightfall Howdy, Looks like theres just a few minor spelling and template errors where things might have cut off, I'd recommend getting that fixed. Otherwise, approved! The mechanic has arrived.
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    Jedi Order Ilukai Koa

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    Kallinus Malsophar Draik

    @Nor'baal Hey buddy, dont know if you misclicked to save your edits but the profile still reads as if hes already a longstanding member of the BHG. I also dont know if the Guild would front a prospective nobody hunter the money for cybernetic implants on promise of them joining the guild.
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    Jedi Order Altina Tiramara

    Hey @Lavi Only real thing I'd recommend changing is the sentence at the start of Personality regarding her reputation to state classmates or some sort of qualifier rather than the broad "reputation at the temple." Reputations are locked to immediate social circle at the first level so the...
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    Under Review Independent Uma'la Y'varis

    @Cpt Joker
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    Under Review Independent Uma'la Y'varis

    There are still quite a few references to the characters notoriety among Umbaran society and the changes Faster stated necessary for her graduating thr military academy had not been made. Characters start out as virtual unknowns to anyone beyond their immediate family until theyve earned...
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    Independent Tapli Madreck

    Approved. I can only hope to be arrested by Sgt. Teddy Ruxbin.
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    Independent Shila Gromm

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    Sith Order Kanos Alasdaire

    @TheMorrigan Heya, I'm so sorry for the delay on this one. I hadn't seen a notification for the tag. Theres really only two issues I see with the character; there aren't really off world warlords and fleets of ships in this timeline. Most conflicts are planetary civil war or system civil...
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    Independent Shila Gromm

    @Mithias Hey mate, I think your electrowhip link is broken. Also, while the issue of the Neti shapeshifting sizes hasn't been a problem in the past it's generally accepted that shapeshifting in combat isnt really viable as it would be time and energy consuming.
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    Independent Xakaia

    @Arclight I really love the character concept, I'm looking forward to seeing how she balances her Ubese heritage with her powers. One thing though you mention in the bio that she took the pirates ship but have no ship in your assets? Did she dump the ship and you're going to gain a new one in...
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    Independent Jaxten Rau

    I like him. Approved
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    I kind of love him. Approved!
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    Independent Horatio "the fixer" Kystos

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    Independent Song (River) Wren

    @Feng Mian Hey there! I'm really digging the character, I look forward to seeing her active in the guild. Approved!