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  1. Vexillar

    Basically Basics

    Shirtless and wearing no foot or hand gear, the Arcanist moved swiftly from Acolyte to Acolyte. Striking with purpose. Lacking the intent to kill, but full of the intent to injure, to hurt. He wanted them to feel pain. Not because he hated them, not because they should be punished. But because...
  2. Vexillar

    Beat of the Bones

    Raith stood in an empty room in the Sith Academy on Korriban. This room was littered with bones he found in the various tombs. They weren't here for no reason. Today he was teaching, yet again, the art of healing. The bones would serve as a good visual for this lesson. Although they would be...
  3. Vexillar

    (OPEN)Hate That Voodoo You Do So Well

    Why did he subject himself to this? This torment was simply unbearable. He could level anyone here without so much as a thought. He could break their wills and rebuild them as his own. He didn't need a blaster. He worked better alone or with one other person, someone he knew and who he could...
  4. Vexillar

    Speak No Evil

    Today's lesson would be a bit...different. While normally he did in fact hate being in a classroom, today it was almost mandatory for him to be in one. Because of the subject for today; telepathy. He stood in a room surrounded by small floating spherical droids, each armed with a blaster...
  5. Vexillar

    Dark Corners

    One's mind was a weapon. It was sharper than any blade, faster than any gun, and more powerful than any bomb. Truly the mind was a magnificent thing. Despite this brilliance of fire, however, there was a sect of people who knew how to break one's mind. To shatter them, make them unwhole, and to...
  6. Vexillar

    Winter Wonder What

    He sat in a ship in the middle of Ziost just a few kilometers to the temple's west. He had instructed the Acolyte he'd be training to show up at his location...but rather, gave the Acolyte coordinates that would put him to the South West of the Arcanist. It wouldn't be terribly far, but far...
  7. Vexillar

    To Catch a Tuk'ata

    Raith stood outside in the mid afternoon sun. It was a decent day out, though with the destruction and chaos around you'd hardly know it. Was he evil then? For ignoring the homelessness, the lack of life, the ruined infrastructure? No...desensitized maybe, but not evil. He cared...or he tried...
  8. Vexillar

    Center of Madness

    Raith stood in front of three other Acolytes. He had no shirt on, just a pair of cloth pants. Not even foot gear was had by the Arcanist. His hands were wrapped up in wrist wrap. He motioned for the Acolytes to come. They rushed him one by one, and launched attacks. A straight punch, axe kick, a...
  9. Vexillar

    Restorative Pain

    Under the cool night air, Raith meditated quietly. He had a lack of free time lately, and so he was forced to multitask. He read multiple books, tomes, and scrolls at the same time. Even now. He floated a few feet off the ground in floating meditation, around him were several tomes that circled...
  10. Vexillar

    Training Acolytes

    There is a huge increase in Acolytes and so few teachers around, so I'm gonna do this a bit differently than I did in the past. Since classes tend to die too quickly, which leaves everyone with a giant UNFINISHED on their thread list which nobody likes to see, I will be offering one on one...
  11. Vexillar


    Sorry about the size of the first image, no computer access made this kind of to respective artists Affiliation: N/A Ownership: Vi'kaar. Will also be used by Prazutis, and Sin'ryk will be using a chest plate. Intent: Personal use. This is not made with the intent of mass...
  12. Vexillar

    Reaping Sleep

    He had almost no time to himself these days. He was missing out on so many research opportunities, it was almost heartbreaking to the Arcanist. What was a man to do without his tomes and holocrons? It was bad enough he basically had two Apprentices, though one was not long for the Sith, and had...
  13. Vexillar

    Battle of Naboo The Grassy Plains OOC

    Boop boop. We have a few fights going on now, so I thought I'd make this too (plus space battle has one, I will not be outdone by freaking space).
  14. Vexillar

    (ASK) Diving Deeper

    It occurred to him that Prazutis required more training. He had hoped that maybe the boy would pick up a tome or twelve and teach himself, but that wasn't the case. He wasn't upset about that of course. But it would have been nice. Still only one thing to be done about that... As usual, Eezeo...
  15. Vexillar

    (ASK) Don't Get Caught

    Raith had been called once more to teach someone. He had gotten out of the class business and decided it was best to simply seek people out themselves. He was better at this anyway. Less stupid questions and more results, probably because the student had more one on one time and didn't lose...
  16. Vexillar

    (ASK) Past Lessons Future Knowledge

    It was almost hilarious, funny to the point of insanity, to him that he was doing this. That he was here, exposing himself in this manner. But he felt it appropriate to share his one weakness with the woman he had taken into his home. She was learning and he was sure this would be a valuable...
  17. Vexillar

    Morally Ambiguous

    Kowak...funny he had never been there before, he never really felt a need to go there. An all but abandoned planer, strong in the Force but otherwise lacking anything of superifical value or material for that matter. Unless you wanted a grand new pet. Then sure, it held plenty of value. However...
  18. Vexillar

    Reduced posting

    Laptop is out of commission. I think it's just the charger, but I won't be able to check until tomorrow or Thursday. Just a heads up because if it's not then well..I'll be limited to my phone for a while.
  19. Vexillar

    Fun With a Padawan

    You heard that right. I am in need of a few Acolytes who wanna do a group training (I will not be involved in this, this will be you guys learning a skill from an NPC mentor or a holocron), or a Crusader (limiting this to Crusader for story purposes) who is willing to have some fun with Vi's...
  20. Vexillar

    Help making a new droid

    Hiya folks! So I've been working on a new droid for a while now, but I'm in some unfamiliar territory as this one is a medical unit (more or less). Was wondering if anyone could aid me in this matter? Zing me a PM!