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  1. Tomce795

    Open Auction in Canto Bight Bidding Rolls

    @LouJoVi @The Captain Alright ladies and gents we need a way to figure out who wins the Jedi statuette at the Open Auction thingy we are all in. So with Lou's permission I have devised a simple solution. We all roll a 1d100 on this here thread. The person who got the highest number gets to...
  2. Tomce795

    Luth Tropam's Reputation Tracker

    Character Profile Link: Character Subaccount Link:
  3. Tomce795

    Jedi Order Luth Torpam

    LUTH TORPAM AGE ► 37 SPECIES ► Human HEIGHT ► 1.76 meters WEIGHT ► 75 kilograms EYE COLOR ► Blue HAIR COLOR ► Light Brown HOMEWORLD ► Corellia GENDER ► Male FACTION ► Jedi Order RANK ► Jedi Knight FORCE SENSITIVITY ► Yes, trainedBiographyLuth was born to a family of traders, mostly operating...
  4. Tomce795

    Rejected Mad Tuskens

    What is going to happen in your plot? A minor city is going to be attacked by Tusken Raiders. Normally Tusken Raiders do not target larger settlements, so the players must defend the city and get to the bottom of what made the Tusken Raiders so upset. What other writers (and their characters)...
  5. Tomce795

    Kendar Samuels' Reputation Tracker

    Character Profile Link: Tomce795 Character Subaccount Link: Kendar Samuels
  6. Tomce795

    Independent Kendar Samuels

    KENDAR SAMUELS AGE ► 20 SPECIES ► Human HEIGHT ► 1.82 meters WEIGHT ► 78 kilograms EYE COLOR ► Brown HAIR COLOR ► Black HOMEWORLD ► Tatooine GENDER ► Male FACTION ► Independant RANK ► N/A FORCE SENSITIVITY ► No BIOGRAPHYHailing from Tatooine, Kendar had what could amount to a normal life as a...
  7. Tomce795

    Tomce's save space

    Kendar Samuels - Tatooine? Has a Cycler Rifle (maybe modified but probably not) DL-17 pistol or something similar Vibro blade? Blast vest? Murders Tuskan Raider for a living. 2 am ramblings are mighty unconfortable
  8. Tomce795

    Promised I'd to this so here it goes

    Hey yo. The name's Tomce, thou you can just call me Tom because we are busy people and writing full names is hard. You might have seen me poking my head around the discord, maybe even chatting a little bit. If you did, pleasure to see you on the forums. If you didn't, pleasure to meet you...