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  1. XxCRAZYdogXx


    SRAZEL AGE ► 23 SPECIES ► Nalroni HEIGHT ► 1.6 Meters WEIGHT ► 137 lbs EYE COLOR ► Ebony HAIR COLOR ► Pale brown HOMEWORLD ► Celanon GENDER ► Male FACTION ► Galactic Alliance RANK ► Rebel FORCE SENSITIVITY ► No BIOGRAPHYSrazel was born into the rural life of the Nalroni, being a part...
  2. XxCRAZYdogXx

    I've noticed...

    ...that there are some OCs that are getting skipped over. And not because of what faction they chose because there are OCs before them that are approved and are in the same faction. Is there a reason why?
  3. XxCRAZYdogXx

    Kero Galruss

    NAME: Kero Galruss FACTION: The Sith Empire RANK: Sith Knight SPECIES: Kel Dor AGE: 26 Standard Years GENDER: Male FORCE SENSITIVE: Kero Galruss is a force sensitive, trained under an exiled knight. APPEARANCE: Being nearly 2 meters tall and almost 90 kilograms in mass, he is more on the larger...
  4. XxCRAZYdogXx

    Hey Guys :P

    I've had this account since I was lonely little scrub who still played Star Wars RP on Roblox, but now that I have become a less lonely scrubb and I have finally have started to watch Clone Wars, I've found a rekindled love for Star Wars and I thought a nice active roleplay community like this...