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  1. Azzy

    Nimueh Viresh

    Character Profile Link: Link Character Subaccount Link: Link Deeds Name of Deed, link, description of what happened here Name of Deed, link, description of what happened here Name of Deed, link, description of what happened here .etc
  2. Azzy

    Independent Nimueh Viresh

    Nimueh Viresh Age ► 25 Species ► Dathomirian Height ► 1.70m (5'6) Weight ► 58kg (128Ibs) Eye Colour ► Greenish Blue Hair Colour ► White Homeworld ► Dathomir Gender ► Female Faction ► Independent Affiliation(s) ► N/A Reputation ► Unknown Rank ► N/A Force Sensitivity ► Yes BIOGRAPHYDathomir was...
  3. Azzy

    Azzy's new and improved workshop

    Welcome fellow humans, human fellas
  4. Azzy

    Naadlia Valkas

    Naadlia Valkas AGE ► 21 SPECIES ► Twi'lek HEIGHT ► 1.85 WEIGHT ► 70 kg EYE COLOR ► Blue Lekku COLOR ► Black and light pink HOMEWORLD ► Nar Shardaa GENDER ► Male FACTION ► Sith RANK ► Acolyte FORCE SENSITIVITY ► Yes Biography “Well, they're packed pretty tight in here tonight…I'm...
  5. Azzy

    Naadlia's Armor

    Naadlia's Armor The basic form of this armor consists of a customized mask suiting the personality of the wearer. along with phrik coated gloves- useful for any duel involving lightsabers. Naadlia built and put together most of the armor with the help of one of the older slaves, in his time...
  6. Azzy

    KLT-AL3X "Alex"

    KLT-AL3X "Alex" Affiliation: Naadlia Manufacturer: Best Quality Mechanicals. Class: Astromech Locomotion: Wheeled Power Supply: Rechargeable power cell, 48-hour duration. Sensors: 1x hologram projector/recorder. 1x photoreceptor. 2x audio receptor. Size: Height - 1.1 meters...
  7. Azzy

    Naadlia's Lightsaber

    Naadlia's Lightsaber AFFILIATION Naadlia MANUFACTURER Naadlia SIZE Hilt: 35 cm/saberblade: 90 cm/colour: Red WEIGHT 1 kg COMPOSITION Durasteel, Silver and Titanium WEAPON TYPE Melee DAMAGE TYPE Melee AMMUNITION CAPACITY N/A FIRE SELECTOR N/A MAX RANGE Melee DESCRIPTION The...
  8. Azzy

    Azzy's workshop

    This is my workshop for ma babies