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  1. Caught in Strangereal

    Approved In and out, 20 Minute Intiation

    What is going to happen in your plot? Sera Jex under the tutelage of guild member River Wren will track down a young estranged Mon Calamari acquisition who has disappeared and cut off all ties with their family. The Originator being the acquisition's concerned and wealthy family who wants the...
  2. Caught in Strangereal

    Felix Targrin

    Character Profile Link: here Character Subaccount Link: here
  3. Caught in Strangereal

    Jedi Order Felix Targrin

    Felix Targrin AGE ► 25 SPECIES ► Human HEIGHT ► 183 cm (6'0") WEIGHT ► 75 Kg EYE COLOR ► Blue HAIR COLOR ► Brown HOMEWORLD ► Coruscant GENDER ► Male FACTION ► Jedi Order RANK ► Jedi Knight FORCE SENSITIVITY ► YesBIOGRAPHYFelix had an easier upbringing than most. Instead of toiling on a moisture...
  4. Caught in Strangereal

    Sera Jex

    Character Profile Link: Here Character Subaccount Link: Here
  5. Caught in Strangereal

    Independent Sera Jex

    _N A M ESera Jex _F A C T I O NIndependent _R A N KOutcast _S P E C I E SHuman _A G E24 _G E N D E RFemale _H E I G H T160 CM _W E I G H T54 kg / 120 lbs _F O R C EYes [slide] [slide] [slide] [slide] [slide] New character for the 9th TL template taken from Dara's Malakai profile
  6. Caught in Strangereal

    [Pre-TL] Big Trouble in Little Balmorra

    Why the hell was she here? Oh right carrying out a karking deal she didn't like. Sera remembered now the deal she took with her illustrious 'partner'. Normally if you asked Sera to go on a sketchy weapons sale, on a planet she didn't know about, with a person she just met who seemed hell bent on...
  7. Caught in Strangereal

    [Pre-TL] A Bid for your Woes

    Felix found himself walking on the streets of Nar Shaddaa minding his own business. It was actually his first time on this planet which was a stark contrast to the quiet backwater worlds he knew while growing up. Dazzling lights and dangerous streets that he could feel the tension all around in...
  8. Caught in Strangereal

    Strange's 9th TL Nonsense

    Place for all my stuff for next TL want to work with a clean slate
  9. Caught in Strangereal

    Swampland spirituality

    What is going to happen in your plot? Amur, Darth Kados and Kalanda Tiishire will lead the efforts to setup a Sith temple on the remote planet of Zakuul. What other players will be a part of this? @KinkyPrawn @Algarus Where are all the places (if more than one) that your plot will be taking...
  10. Caught in Strangereal

    Patently Absurd

    Character Name and Level: Amur Level 2 (level One at time of plot) Character Rank: Sith Acolyte Name of Plot: Patently Absurd Participants in the plot (Character accounts): @Amur @Crux Vosk @Warrid Myourn @Zike Rron Intended Outcome of Plot: I hope to complete an Npc Czerka Corp job that will...
  11. Caught in Strangereal

    A Sith Rebellion?

    So Earlier you may have seen my posting for a Sith subfaction that got moved to the workshop. I'll need to make edits but the idea of a secret group of Sith's basically trying to safeguard the Sith from a Doomsday scenario is interesting to me, and I would love to rp that as a last ditch attempt...
  12. Caught in Strangereal

    (Ignore) The Foundation of Archival Recordings

    A faction idea that's been bouncing around my head That I wonder if anyone else would be interested in. If it gets traction her I d be willing to put this on the lore board and make plots to get this off the ground. The Foundation of Archival Recordings Information Location Type Faction...
  13. Caught in Strangereal

    The Shadows Under Alderaan

    What is going to happen in your plot? Amur and Kalanda meet together for some coffee and relaxation at a cafe in Alderaan. After a bit of conversation the two Sith are interrupted by a body crashing to the ground. This was the body of a Alderaanian who was part of House Alde. Being the first two...
  14. Caught in Strangereal

    Probing our way into the Imperial Liver

    What is going to happen in your plot? The Mandalorian people want blood, they want retribution and Revora Musana Kelborn now has set her sights on the take over of Coruscant. To do that however will require preparation and new territory to set up such an attack. The marauder has laid out a plan...
  15. Caught in Strangereal

    The Darth's New Mask

    What is going to happen in your plot? Amur has been given the task of helping Darth Kados retrieve the long lost Mandalore's Mask. The task is a trial to determine if Amur is worthy of being Kados' apprentice. What other players will be a part of this? @KinkyPrawn Where are all the places (if...
  16. Caught in Strangereal

    Funani's Personal Armor

    Funani's Personal Armor Funani after being through enough harrowing near death experiences to realize that hey maybe some armor would be a good idea. The Jawa was unsatisfied with most offerings as they seemed to not be built around his small stature and size. So he decided to make his own...
  17. Caught in Strangereal

    Revora's Armored 'Skin'

    Revora's Armored Sith skin Revora's personal armor. After being captured by the Sith during a failed operation. Revora would be horrible mutated by Kalanda Tiishire. During the process she had her pyshique changed and armored plates infused into her skin now a permanent fixture of her body...
  18. Caught in Strangereal

    Revora Musana Kelborn

    Revora Musana Kelborn AGE ► 25 SPECIES ► Cathar HEIGHT ► 1.55 m WEIGHT ► 60 Kg EYE COLOR ► Orange HAIR COLOR ► Black HOMEWORLD ► Concord Dawn GENDER ► Female FACTION ► Mandalorian RANK ► Marauder FORCE SENSITIVITY ► No BIOGRAPHYRevora or 'Revy' as she'll often prefer to be called was...
  19. Caught in Strangereal

    D3-RP Pet Droid

    D3-RP Pet Droid Affiliation: Open Market Manufacturer: Cybot Galactica Class: Protocol Droid/ Droid pet Locomotion: 2 legs Power Supply: Rechargeable Power cell, 36 hour charge Sensors: 2x Audioreceptors 2x Photoreceptors Size: 1m Tall Composition: Inoxium Tools and Equipment: 2x...
  20. Caught in Strangereal

    A Force in the Snow Dice

    @Xanthum the Mighty Refers to this thread. D100 +5 to die roll for every character level above 1. 100 - Critical Success! Things go perfectly and you get a major positive bonus effect. 81-99 - Major Success! Things go perfectly and you get a minor positive bonus effect. 51-80 - Success...