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  1. Mr. Teatime

    Mission Pack Apex: Special Contracts

    @Nakoa Singh for Chalta Corta ofc
  2. Mr. Teatime

    Mission Pack Consolidating Resources: The Mission Pack

    @Corwin Carmine for Turning up the Heat
  3. Mr. Teatime

    Rank-Change Thread

    Character Name and Subaccount Link: @Astrid al-Bahir Character Profile Link: Click Here Character Age: 24 -> 27 Current Rank: Imperial Knight Rank Seeking: Knight-Captain Current Level: 1 Level Seeking: 2 Notable Deeds: Knight Bahir has fought on the front lines of multiple Imperial...
  4. Mr. Teatime

    Event Huttball Season 5

    Character Profile Link: Nakoa Singh Subaccount Link: @Nakoa Singh Desired Alias: Sea Snake
  5. Mr. Teatime

    Sapient Stygian Reaches The Nix

    Sorry for the wait there! Approved. @Mythos
  6. Mr. Teatime

    Sapient Stygian Reaches The Nix

    Sorry for the wait. Please significantly adjust the age categories downward. Not being considered an adult for 1899 years or so is excessive. @Mythos
  7. Mr. Teatime

    Sapient Stygian Reaches The Nix

    In its current state I'm going to ask for changes, as follows: Armorweave skin is a hard denial. An otherwise sterile species that is "reborn" through phoenix magic is also a no-go. A fixed population that drops more, violence, disease, accidents, etc. makes no sense and would've died out...
  8. Mr. Teatime

    PvP You Had Me at "Hutt Council" OOC

    This reply is admin involvement. @Darasuum You cannot assign a distance to another party when their initial distance is vague without prior agreement, and especially if they disagree. Insisting on the disagreed distance being honored isn't the way to go. @Volene If an opponent posts something...
  9. Mr. Teatime

    Empire Valor Gravitas

    @Mythos Valor's gear needs to be linked tech articles from SWRP, not Fandom wiki tech. None of his currently linked equipment is valid for PvP use if it isn't in a tech article (except the vibro-knucklers). Please correct this as soon as possible.
  10. Mr. Teatime

    Internet is out because Frontier is cursed. Limited posts until it's fixed.

    Internet is out because Frontier is cursed. Limited posts until it's fixed.
  11. Mr. Teatime

    Tech Admin Promotion: Autofox!

    Congratulations dude!
  12. Mr. Teatime

    Rank-Change Thread

    To rank up in power as an Acolyte, Feifi would also have to become a Champion. Rank up or no? Approved! Please update Vossari's bio accordingly.
  13. Mr. Teatime

    Interest Check Sith Field Trip: Lothal

    Character name: @Corwin Carmine Character profile link: (will do when home mobile ew) Ooc account name: @Mr. Teatime
  14. Mr. Teatime

    Mission Pack The Ziost Offensive

    Name: Corwin Carmine Rank: Sith Acolyte Link Final push!
  15. Mr. Teatime

    Sith Order Corwin Carmine

    NAME ► Corwin Carmine AGE ► 19 SPECIES ► Zeltron/Tiefling HEIGHT ► 5'8" WEIGHT ► Shh EYE COLOR ► Carmine HAIR COLOR ► Black GENDER ► Genderfluid PRONOUNS ► She/Him/They (Any) ROLE ► Acolyte FORCE SENSITIVITY ► Yes [slide] [slide] [slide] [slide]
  16. Mr. Teatime

    Mr. Teatime's Mad Lad Laboratory

    NAME ► Corwin Carmine AGE ► 24 SPECIES ► Zeltron/Tiefling HEIGHT ► 5'8 WEIGHT ► Shh EYE COLOR ► Carmine HAIR COLOR ► Black GENDER ► Mystery ROLE ► Acolyte FORCE SENSITIVITY ► Yes [slide] [slide] [slide] [slide]
  17. Mr. Teatime

    Force User Compatibility

    A Force-using character can't have an armor function on their armor that isn't Force-user compatible.
  18. Mr. Teatime

    Information Apex Contract Board

    @Phoenix Forgot to mention but did the thing Bounty: Maro Dolphe Maro Dolphe was one of the lead engineers for Incom before he stole company property and attempted to sell it to the highest bidder. Following an unsuccessful attempt to sell the blueprints on the black market, he was forced...
  19. Mr. Teatime

    Armor Apex Strategist's Suit

    Nakoa's Apex Suit TYPE Light COVERAGE • Head: Duraplast helmet • Torso: N/A • Back: N/A • Upper Arms: N/A • Lower Arms: Phrik vambraces • Upper Legs: N/A • Lower Legs: N/A FUNCTIONS Function 1: Armorweave Underlay Most often in the form of a heavy cape, skirt, or underlay beneath armor...
  20. Mr. Teatime

    Sith Order Azhi Dahaka

    AZHI DAHAKA NAME ► Azhi Dahaka TITLE ► N/A AGE ► 18 SPECIES ► Barabel HEIGHT ► 2m/6'6" WEIGHT ► 136kg/300lbs BUILD ► Strong Lizard EYE COLOR ► Red CREST COLOR ► Varies HOMEWORLD ► Barab GENDER ► Male FACTION ► Sith Order RANK ► Acolyte FORCE SENSITIVITY ► Yes [slide] [slide] [slide] [slide]...