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  1. Morse

    Galactic Senate Senator Wesman Parrius

    Wesman Parrius AGE ► 58 SPECIES ►Human HEIGHT ►5'11" WEIGHT ►187 lbs EYE COLOR ►Blue HAIR COLOR ►Brown HOMEWORLD ►Corellia GENDER ►XY FACTION ►Identifies as a Citizen of the Republic RANK ►Senator FORCE SENSITIVITY ►No BIOGRAPHY Early Life and Education Wesman Parrius was born into an...
  2. Morse

    Seeking a Thread

    Well @Cyrian Vrax was captured in his last threads by militant elements. I imagine he is probably in some sort of prison labor at this point, and needs a way out.
  3. Morse

    Seeking a Thread

    You need a fight or a friend? I've got @Vako Yizok , a Syndicate thug that has been on the wrong side of Sith on a number of occasions. And I've got @Cyrian Vrax, an old Sith Soldier that still is loyal to the Sith that may need rescuing.
  4. Morse

    Mission Pack Understanding Our Past

    If you'll have him, Armaj Branthom is a Sith loyalist within the Empire that formerly researched and collected ancient relics before the Sith coup, and would serve them still in this capacity in secret. Armaj Branthom for The Vjun Chateau.
  5. Morse

    Sith Order Hazrath Venron

    Hazrath Venron AGE ► 62 SPECIES ► Human HEIGHT ► 5'11" WEIGHT ► 184 LBS EYE COLOR ► Green HAIR COLOR ► White HOMEWORLD ► Chandrilla GENDER ►XY FACTION ► Sith RANK ► Acolyte FORCE SENSITIVITY ► Yes BIOGRAPHY Hazrath Venron's journey into the heart of darkness began in the dying days of the Sith...
  6. Morse

    Mission Pack Disloyal Opposition

    Without the Sith, the Empire has lost its soul. This is the belief of Imperial Envoy, Propagandist, and bureaucrat, Armaj Branthom. Though the galaxy often takes note of its great warriors and mighty battles, little credit is given to those that work in the endless mire of bureaucracy to keep...
  7. Morse

    Jedi Order Dale Reed

    Code: Dale Reed AGE ►31 SPECIES ►Human HEIGHT ►5"11 WEIGHT ►185 LBS EYE COLOR ►Green HAIR COLOR ►Blonde HOMEWORLD ►Corellia GENDER ►XY FACTION ►Jedi RANK ► Temple Security Forces - Expeditionary FORCE SENSITIVITY ►No BIOGRAPHYDale was born on Corellia to a military tradition. He grew up...
  8. Morse

    Mission Pack Black Sun Down

    @Vako Yizok for mission 2. The chance for that much money in that way is too hard to pass up.
  9. Morse

    Jedi Order Lemas Ruzoc

    I was not sure and had trouble finding it. Adjusted to knight.
  10. Morse

    Jedi Order Lemas Ruzoc

    Lemas Ruzoc AGE ► 73 SPECIES ► Pyke HEIGHT ► 5'11" WEIGHT ► 192 lbs EYE COLOR ► Gray SKIN COLOR ► Blue HOMEWORLD ► Oba Diah GENDER ► XY FACTION ► Jedi Order | Seer RANK ► Knight FORCE SENSITIVITY ► Yes BIOGRAPHYLemas Ruzoc came into being on Oba Diah. He has no memory of his home as he was...
  11. Morse

    Rank-Change Thread

    I have two as I'm adjusting to the time progression. Character Name and Subaccount Link: @Cyrian Vrax Character Profile Link: Cyrian Vrax Character Age: 38 Current Rank: Agent Faction Change: Sith Soldier (or Rank 2 equivalent) Rank Seeking: Enforcer Notable Deeds: - Attached to Mandalorian...
  12. Morse

    Mission Pack Urban Renewal

    The Thread is Up
  13. Morse

    Mission Pack Urban Renewal

    I'll do dockside as well for the sake of reunion with @Pidge Batana as @Vako Yizok
  14. Morse

    Mission Pack The Mid-Rim Campaign

    I would like to submit @Cyrian Vrax (an Imperial Assault Trooper) to aid with one of these missions in a joint operation with the Empire to help achieve mutual goals and improve military/diplomatic cooperation with the Mandalorians. In particular the mission to Contruum.
  15. Morse

    Mission Pack Shadows of Rishi

    I'd be willing to do that Heart of Darkness thread with @Roman Antilles as @Armaj Branthom.
  16. Morse

    Mission Pack Shadows of Rishi

    Offering @Venthis Habrak for the beaches of Scarrif OR @Armaj Branthom as a back up to assist Sith in the dark ritual of Into the Dark Heart
  17. Morse

    Interest Check April Galactic Senate Sign-Ups

    Would it be possible for my Imperial Envoy to take part in some of your Galactic Senate threads? Armaj Branthom would just be there to give a voice to the Empires perspective if it is possible if you'd give them the chance.
  18. Morse

    Imperials at the Ready

    Good evening everyone, I've recently committed to playing mostly Imperial characters, and I'm in need of threads. I've got a few for you to choose from and they can be used for just about everything. They are all purely non force using and can be either the ally or antagonist you need. I have...
  19. Morse

    Sith Order Cyrian Vrax

    Cyrian Vrax AGE ► 38 Years Old SPECIES ► Human HEIGHT ► 5"11 WEIGHT ► 210 Lbs EYE COLOR ► Brown HAIR COLOR ► Dark HOMEWORLD ► Dromund Kaas GENDER ► XY FACTION ► Sith Empire RANK ► Sergeant FORCE SENSITIVITY ► No BIOGRAPHY Before the Fall of the Sith Cyrian Vrax was born to a family of modest...
  20. Morse

    Sith Order Armaj Branthom

    Armaj Branthom AGE ► 46 Years Old SPECIES ► Human HEIGHT ► 5"11 WEIGHT ► 192 Lbs EYE COLOR ► Blue HAIR COLOR ► Gray HOMEWORLD ► Dromund Kaas GENDER ► XY FACTION ► Sith Empire RANK ► Imperial Propagandist FORCE SENSITIVITY ► No BIOGRAPHYArmaj Branthom was born into wealth and prosperity on...