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    Looking for Group

    We'd love to have new members in our Mando Group, If'n youre interested, let me know. we aren't all that picky!
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    If "Seeking threads" works, I'll try it too

    The Mandos have been kinda slow recently. everybody has their own thing going on and a lot of our threads have gone sort of inactive. anybody wanna work with a pair of Mandalorians hit me up! im always game for whatever.
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    The Ghosts of Mandalore OOC

    No worries man, these posts are gold! Well worth the wait!
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    Interest Check The Tribe

    looking for Mandos to join up with our Mandalorian Group. Current goal will be to rebuild the mandalorian faction this TL and restore Mandalore. There are 4 of us at the momemt and we are looking to expand further to achieve our ambitions. Any takers?
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    The Ghosts of Mandalore OOC

    No problem! Hang in there and get it done when you can!
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    Approved The Cleansing

    The previous statement is correct. Basically the Founder of Clan Rytt was a Tarre Viszla in the making but had the unfortunate timing of bwing born during the persecutions of Mandalore the Mad. He was ostricized when he attempted to return to his people and nearly lost his lifw in the deal but...
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    Ask Tatooine Light of Adenn

    [Bump @Raven_41 @DarkSaber @Kenico ]
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    Weapon Grimscar

    Grimscar AFFILIATION Clan Rytt MANUFACTURER Clan Rytt SIZE 32 inch total WEIGHT 1.5 kg COMPOSITION Wood/ Laminated blade construction w/ Cortosis along the blade edge, Beskar alloy sides and durasteel Core. WEAPON TYPE Melee DAMAGE TYPE Melee AMMUNITION CAPACITY N/A FIRE SELECTOR N/A...
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    Armor Adenn Rytts Armor

    ADENN'S ARMOR Among the Rytt Clan, armor is imbued with special signifigance; the souls of those who wear it are believed to continue to inhabit them and aid in the protection of the wearer. Adenns Armor is Ancient, handed down from Besk'in Rytt all the way through the ages. Damaged and...
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    Site Event: The Ghosts of Mandalore

    Character @Adenn Rytt Faction: Independant (Mandalorian) Rank: Bounty Hunter/Mercenary
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    Ask Game of Thrones: Valayrian Resolve

    Arthyr had been on the road for a few days, so far his "adventure" seemed more like a charity drive. First he sold his Horse for the starving widow with the 8 children in the wintertown. Next he gave his sercoat to the young woman with the blackened eye who had fled her fathers house naked in...
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    Game of Thrones: Valaryian Resolve OOC

    Name: Arthyr Grainthorn Age: 20 Gender:Male House:Grainthorn Rank: landed knight Ethnicity*: First men Personality A humble and honorable man, Arthyr is unlike many nobles. He takes little pleasure in fighting nor in pursuits of the flesh, instead prefers quietly reading in his great hall at...
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    Battle Of BloodBorne Hollow

    It was just a history thing, something for others to reference I guess. I was going to do a whole set of stuff like that to give the universe a little depth...
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    Battle Of BloodBorne Hollow

    @Sreeya Hi! I just wanted to point out the spambot. Im not quite sure what to eo about it .