Just here to have some lightsaber slashing fun.
To the North


  • "Well you look like an overgrown Kuakian Monkey Lizard..." - Horus “Camouflage” Tempest, Jedi Knight, Adept of Illusions - "...So I guess looks don't count for much."
    "If I must die so that Mandalore and her people live on, that is no question. Here I stand." - Kalyr Dane Rodarch, Sword of the Morning (WIP)

  • "I was born with a single purpose. To fight, to bleed, and to die. My ancestors will welcome my coming" - Marion Espaa, Daughter of the Great Wolf, Varite "Jedi" Battlemaiden #B22222
    "In complete Darkness we are all the same. It's only our knowledge and wisdom that separates us. Make no mistake." - Kathreveris Van Alasdaire, High Priestess of Vahl, Sith Warrior
    "The Force is all things, as I am the Force." - Vrist'iluoc'bricors, Imperial Commander, Knight of Csiplar and Guardian of the Path
    "What? Did you think Jedi weren't allowed to be fun?" - Vivien Espaa, Last Scion of House Espaa, Wielder of Caliburn the Sithslayer, Jedi Knight
  • Morrigan's Aerie
    Morrigan's Sketches
    Morri's D20 Parade