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    moving into my new apartment over the next few days. posts will be slow

    moving into my new apartment over the next few days. posts will be slow
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    Hopefully catching up tomorrow!

    Hopefully catching up tomorrow!
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    posts tomorrow

    posts tomorrow
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    Indie Faction Tech Restricted Weapon Gun of Command

    Gun of Command AFFILIATION Hapes Consortium MANUFACTURER Royal Armaments Guild of Charubah SIZE 30 cm length WEIGHT 8 kg COMPOSITION Duraplast WEAPON TYPE Mind Control Device DAMAGE TYPE Light Stun/Special AMMUNITION CAPACITY 10 FIRE SELECTOR Semi Automatic MAX RANGE 30 meters...
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    posts tomorrow after work

    posts tomorrow after work
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    Non-Sentient Akorec

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    Archived for the same reasons your other species was archived.
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    Droid E74 Series Droid

    E74 series Explorer Droid Affiliation: Open Market Manufacturer: Blackwell-Cybot Class: Explorer Droid Locomotion: Bipedal (default) Power Supply: Rechargeable power cell, 94-hour duration Sensors: 1x photoreceptor 1x infrared receptor 1x thermal sensor 1x audio sensor Size: Height -...
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    Restricted Ship Droid HU-B7 Series Pathfinder Droid

    HU-B7 SERIES PATHFINDER DROID AFFILIATION Open Market MANUFACTURER Blackwell Automata CLASS Droid Starfighter ROLE Probe Droid COMPOSITION Durasteel and Transperisteel DIMENSIONS 6 meters length CREW 1 integrated droid brain PASSENGER CAPACITY N/A CARGO CAPACITY N/A HANGAR CAPACITY...
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    Welcome back!

    Welcome back!
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    Character Archive Request Thread

    Hello there. Feel free to put them on the backburner. We really don't archive characters unless they are dead nowadays. Such a big meanie indeed. RIP
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    Independent Brium Tallistor

    Welcome to the boards! You should have gotten a welcome PM full of helpful info. So just an FYI, quite a bit of the equipment will need a link to a tech on the tech boards, notably the ship, the armor, and the droid. Here is a link for the tech rules regarding armor as well. I see the...
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    The Galactic Atlas & Map Update Requests

    Faction: Corporate Sector Authority (Independent Faction) Planet or Sector: Bonadan, Etti IV, Cantonica, .etc Grid Coordinates: S-3, S-4. See notes Completed Threads: - Approved Faction Write-up Notes: So this request is a bit weird. The placement of Bondan in the above squares differs on this...