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  • Ten, I'm very sorry to say that right now I am unable to make edits due to my extremely busy schedule. With my school semester so close to ending I am really tied up. So go ahead and do some things without me, I'll be back in December.
    Hey there man. I apologize, but I got pretty side tracked with some school work and other things for a while. I was wondering if you were still up for the MU mission? Figured I'd shoot some much needed posting into it, am I right?
    Hey, Coruscant would be destroyed/barely operational/full of dangerous deadly storms (according to the staff), so maybe change Coruscant to Taris or any other city-world.
    It's okay. I understand. I've been working on my newest character, so it worked out for me.
    Got to say Ten10dix I'm impressed. You did a great job with your character, Kazimir Kuzuma's flashback. He reminds me how in real-life Lenin conducted himself. On one hand he preaches a revolution for the people yet he only cares how the people can serve his goals. Looks like Kazimir is going to provide a different and interesting take in the storyline. Good luck man. :)
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