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  • I saw you were interested in the Daneeba bounty with your Hutt character, Axe, are you still interested in taking it? Apologies for not adding you sooner, I'm a bit laggish, I got a few things going on.
    Awesome thanks for clarifying. I look forward to righting with ya!
    Fantastic! I was only checking I saw you posted on a cartel missoin putting you against he rangers and I was all like "say whaaaaaaaaaaaaaaat!" :saywhat: lol That being said I'd really like to get the vulture thread going. That is if you don't mind me joining you.
    Hey, bud I had a great time fighting your Acolyte! Question. Are you going to be focusing one the Cartel or the Rangers?
    Just saw your post in the Pear-Shaped thread, you post seemed to indicate it was late at night, but the opening post mentions its early morning, might wanna change that. And something else, how would your character know that the people gathered there were all Jedi? Seems like its his first time at the saloon.
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