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  • By lack of previous knight experience, he means to say that all people must go through the Padawan phase at least once in order to play Knight characters, as it teaches you several things about roleplaying on the site, etc.
    You'll have to start off as padawan, I'm afraid, due to lack of previous knight experience.
    Sorry, but Synlid has already joined. We can do Intelligence Gathering 1 together after I'm done with Rebellion Growing if you want.
    You seem to have been confused. Darth Vereor attacked the other acolyte, not yours.
    I didnt attack your character, I was going after McGriddle. Please change your post.

    And on a side note, if you threaten a Sith Lord expect a lightsaber to be buried in your gut ;)
    Two things. First, a request: could you link me to Strife's profile? Also, grammar is not very well composed in the last dialogue in "Way of War"; could you please correct it?
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