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  • Got a post up for Bionic-Armed and Dangerous. Sorry it took so long. As always, if you need anything changed, just say the word.
    Okay we have bad news, some more bad news, and some good news.

    The good news is that you are still able to join into the thread again if you decide to come back within a timely fashion ;)

    The bad news is that Mizchno seems to have left the site.

    The other bad news it that I'm planning on continuing the Mission with or without your help :(, so i guess if you are join to help me finish he mission, then please hurry!
    Just reminding you you're needed by your good friends Magraktor and Ark in Corrupted Matrix.
    Are you on vacation and I haven't noticed for some odd reason? lol. It just looks like it's been a while since you've posted anything anywhere.
    I have redone it. You have been very respectful in this fight so I want to try to do the same, but I am rusty at RP and using my phone makes typing harder so I don't describe things fully.
    Heh.. Gamov's Gambit. Interesting touch.

    Looks good all 'round though man. Nice work. I'll start hammering out a reply ASAP.
    Hey Steel whenever you want to, the bounty hunter/Jedi team-up thread is posted. Here its link;

    The Cries of Saijo
    OH MAN!!!!! That's awesome! Thanks so much for the heads up!!!!!!! *Does the happy dance* :datass:
    i was waiting until the fight progressed a little before Una hobbles up, unless you have a better idea i realize we all know Hakora is a Sith but i don't want to metagame. :orly:
    Woooo!!!! Thank you! I thought you'd both miss it! But the vent being open was a little obvious. Ill just say it was open a little bit...
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