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  • Hey, just wanted to remind you that it's your post in Murder of a Tea Enthusiast. We need your dingaling Jedi to bumble about some more.
    Hey, Gamov posted, it's your turn in To Turn a Blind (g)Eye.

    P.S. If you have the time, you can start the F.O.R.C.E Orientation Thread when you wish, Zigara's and I have posted our own respective division threads already :)
    I guess you can go ahead and post in the Blind Eye thread, it's been over two weeks without a post from Gamov :(
    Hey I was thinking about how to enter the Darknet social thread and I've pretty much come to the conclusion that Veran would've likely gone there accompanying Astra unless there was something preventing them from doing so, or if Astra suggested that Veran go ahead of her for whatever reason. Let me know how you want to tackle this and then depending on your answer I can post or just wait for you to post first!

    P.S.: It's also your turn in our Naboo thread.
    Hey I wasn't sure if you saw it (since you've been really good at posting promptly ^^) but I posted in our thread! :D
    Do you like Pokemon? :D:

    And do you like RPing by any chance? :D:

    Well then you're in luck because the first ever Pokemon RP on SWRP has opened/started and it wants you!!!
    Jyn just went all sincere and sentimental on you. *cue dramatically sad background music* Also, I'm guessing your latest thread is between you and Veren? I'll be following it. :)
    It's your turn in To Turn a Blind Eye, and things are getting interested. And as a side note, I don't think Mila cares about Lairiel's sexual habits :/
    No, like an origin thread. In the timeline I guess it would be post-Blue Hair but pre-forming. Kinda like what we're doing with Astra. I'm doing one with blstrgrmr and I think Zigara's setting one up with KrakenDaWhip, so you don't need to wait for approval.
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