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  • I keep checking back in. Still don't have a PC or wi-fi, but I could potentially use my phone to RP from.. Anyone still remember me?
    Is it something about this time of year? I find myself thinking about Star Wars more lately, Hey all, been a while.
    Hey, have a meeting to go to (which is the case every Thursday) I'll post late like 10 pm eastern time, sorry.
    Don't worry, I spun it ICly anyways. Btw, you misplaced your vm, it's on your own profile instead of mine, lol. It's your turn in the orientation thread :)
    I swear... Forgive me... I felt like it was but imo Lanya would have went for it any way given the advantage. My bad!! It's hard to read context OOCly. Leave me a note or something next time. Lanya is formidable so he'll go for what he can take and leave openings for the what he can't.
    Don't worry it's just fine, I'll respond soon, can't right now cuz my eyelids feel heavy and a sleepy post is almost always poor quality (not to mention typo heavy). I'll be busy 2mrw os il proly post by 4:00 pm est. k?
    Well if he's joining LOCK it would be because Kannick sensed his force signature beforehand so yes it's under the assumption he has discovered his force sensitivity. And it doesn't really matter who posts first, since I left it vague. :)
    check out my indie faction idea =D

    The write up for it sucks right now, since I burned out when trying to think up styles, so I didn't manage to explain the last one properly. It should come out nice, I think, though.
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