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  • Sorry, but black noise wanted to do Ferian's dark force training, so he asked for Ferian to put up a thread about when they get to the temple
    So, it's up to you, but do you want to continue doing character training in the blockade thread? Not really much to do other than sit there defensively, but Oonoo said Arcturus could go to the Chiss fleet and meet my other character, Dorann, who has a very similar role to your character :)
    By the way, it's your post in the training thread whenever you're ready :D
    So, about the battle I mentioned, it's only going to be a quick event instead of a fight, but I asked in the OOC if it would be acceptable for you to make a post describing being on the scene for character-development purposes. If not that, would you be opposed to me mentioning Arcturus being with the ground forces with my concluding post?
    If you want me to start the training thread, just let me know any specific environment you want. Unless you had anything in mind, I'll just do it space on Oonoo's flagship. Let me know :D
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