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  • Hello, our records show that you have yet to start the Hutt Cartel mission #15 and 23, "Delegate Down" and "Deadly Sin", I just wanted to know what the status on this mission is. Thank you.
    Keep in mind that the thread with your character dueling is a dueling thread, so you have a limited amount of time to post!- A week. ok?
    Hey, sorry about the delay on the Delegate Down mission. Some stuff came up on another forum, and then I got stranded without wifi for a few days. Just posted asking to be added to the mission. Hopefully things can start moving soon now! :)
    Hey bud, I was wondering if you were still interested in that Mandalorian Death Watch group! I was thinking maybe your character could tag along with the Haar Echoy'la as a "renewed" Death Watch-type guy. Basically someone who became ultimately bitter against the Empire and wants to destroy them. We have some more pacifist-type members, so that sort of dynamic in the group would be awesome. Ultimately, we're all above our personal ideals, and aim for every Mandalorian survivor and unification for progression into something new to many Mandalorians, being the guys you want to root for! Your character could eventually branch out away from us and create your own group if you liked, too! When the time is right for it, at least. I think it'd be pretty interesting, if you stayed (and you changed), or you leave and do your own thing. Would be a good way to test out how an indie faction could work.
    Hey there. I was poking around in Hutt Missions and saw that you'd posted a few days ago about Mission 15: Delegate Down.
    Soooo even though I saw you guys said you were good for total number of players, I figured I'd poke my nose in and ask if there happens to be room for one more.

    If there is, I offer up Vagrant for your consideration.

    And if there's not, then that's totally cool as well. :D
    Okay, I apologise for not responding to the PM as I should have (I thought I had), but... just randomly in on the Rebel Dawn is a wee bit of a stretch.
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