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  • Heya Joy, long time no speaky, sorry i haven't been active in our thread, don't worry, I aim to have a post up in a few days. (For some reason, notifications on the old forum never got emailed to me, so I had no idea you responded!)
    Joy Carleec
    Joy Carleec
    Not keen on the site layout but i havent really been checking it anyway. :p
    Ah, well either way, my apologies for the seemingly unending delays in posting, it is coming, don't worry :)
    Alright. I wasn't sure if there was something I missed or not.

    Anyways, I finally posted.

    I'm terribly sorry it's take this long. I'll do my absolute best not to fall behind on this again. Many apologies.
    Hey, was there a new thread that I was supposed to join in on? Headastator mentioned it, but I drew a blank.

    If there is, just let me know. And apologies if I overlooked it.
    Teran is getting Sith training and I was wondering if Joy wanted to observe or appear in the thread at all?
    Alright ignore that because I've just had a look at the thread, my character could meet you in the temple as he likely would be there as an Acolyte.
    Oh, that kinda sucks. Hope it works out for you. I'm still waiting for my char to be approved.
    Hey, what's your character up to at the moment? I've started again with a Sith character because Reikan had a load of loose ends I can't really tie up.
    Oh no. No slave collar. lol

    And alright then. I'll work on having a reply ASAP then.
    Ah, I see.

    Well, I do apologize for the delay in my posts. It's not just ours either, it's every thread I have. This might seem like a strange question, but given my recent lack of activity, did you still want to continue ours? It's fine if you do, and I wouldn't blame you if you said no either. No hard feelings if that's what you choose.

    Just let me know.
    Long time no see, it's me, that guy who got a load of rps inactive. Anyway, I just wanted to mention I'm back on the site again.
    Yeah. There, or anywhere really.

    I'm also really sorry I haven't gotten to a reply for our thread yet. I'm trying to get to all my replies, but the more I try to do all of them, the farther behind I fall. So I'm trying something new. Basically I'm going to focus on a couple of threads at a time and knock them out as soon as I can so I can move onto the next pair.
    Not at all. Work has just been a bear lately and I'm falling behind on all my threads again. I've even had to drop a couple just to lighten the load a bit. But I'm still working on the ones I do have as I get the time and energy.

    I haven't forgotten or lost interest. Really.
    Hey! I'm away from home at the moment, so I was just stalking the forums a little. I love how friendly you seem :) If Joy is ever on Zonju V then let me know and I'm sure Omdool can find you somewhere to stay!
    Well, I can say that lightwhips actually have more disadvantages than advantages. It takes a lot of training and skill to use one properly.
    I gotcha. No worries.

    And now I'm regretting not training Mila with a lightwhip. Why hadn't that thought occurred to me earlier. Damn it all! lol
    You should probably reply to the bar brawl thread...Twenty-Nine threw your character at Acey.
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