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  • Did you want Joy to do that scouting thing in the thread, or will you notify me of a thread where I do my scouting post in..? Not sure how you want this to work.
    Hey. Thought I'd keep you in the loop. I plan on changing the place from Mos Esther to Anchorhead or Mos Eisley or something, since it's less of a city and more of an armed compound. Do you have any preferance on what city it is changed to so the scene continues to make sense?
    Actually hey nvm. I'm really sorry for reversing my decision but I'm going to npc this mission instead. Thank you for your offer, but I think I just have a better grasp on what I want from this mission.
    Hey, thanks for giving me some time to think but truthfully, I think one more RP isn't a good idea right now, especially one where I'm not even developing my own character. I'd just be taking time away from her development and the training of others. Thank you for asking me, though! Perhaps in the future we'll be able to run an RP together! :)
    Sure, I'll rp a target for you. On one condition: I've got a diverse rp getting set up. Sign up for that and I'll rp the target.
    Can you send me a PM with more information? I might be slow at posting as I have 8 active RP's (soon to be 9) going right now.
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