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  • Oh what? That many bounty hunters? That's hellaoverkill. You don't even need to get under the Jedi's skin. Use mines, poison gas (or a neurotoxin covered blade even), or whatever, and as the fight goes on just keep reiterating that the fight is pretty much a losing battle. Jedi will start to doubt themselves (as anyone would) and it gets easier to land hits because they are unfocused.

    And yes I can.
    It depends on what the Jedi is doing. There are plausible ways to kill a Sensitive. The biggest challenge is getting passed their Force Sense ability because it can and will alert them to danger. Distracting them by getting under their skin and making them brash, or doubt themselves, are ways to weaken their Sense skill. But just trying to back stab a Jedi isn't really the best way to go about anything. If you can a super long range sniper shot may do the trick too, but youd have to secure one, and linrbup the shot and even then the Jedi would still probably sense it but a skilled hand could at least stand a fighting chance of shooting them down. There's a multitude of days to down a Sensitive though.
    I'm excited about role playing with you again. I am ready to get that rivalry you were talking about up and goin. Anthoni and Teran will make good enemys I think lol
    Headasator You could also have Bounty hunter's with you. I think with 8 bounty hunters and a Sith could take on an unsuspecting Jedi Knight.
    Good show, I was beaten much worse when I got into a fight with my first acolyte. I was a mission/dueling thread. I didn't know before had there would be Masters on both sides joining. Lets just say I was lucky my character still had his legs when the thread was done.
    I personally prefer group work, but you can if need be, though beginner speed, not too fast.
    yes, the move is to lock you're blade between mine in an attempt to lower you're guard and strike you with the elbow.
    Light healing is permanent, but usually requires more time, focus, and it's source of power is the Light Side of the Force. Dark Side healing is more like a super band-aid with no adhesive. So you have to maintain it. It will patch you up, but the second you lose focus that wound will reopen. However, it is hellaquick, and can be held for as long as your fuel source remains (I.e. negative feelings)
    That was exactly what i was thinking, we have opened the doorway to an even greater roleplay next time. An when we clash next we will be all the more ready for it. Pretty soon Anthoni is going to go on a mission and he should come out a little more battle hardened. Maybe.......
    Thats Great i as well thought that it was fun, i'm sorry if the ending seemed rushed. I was not as focused, these last few days I've been pretty tired. Also if you would ever like our characters to interact again, it would be my pleasure.
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