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  • You know what I think I am going to leave this thread. I am sorry but I think I will send Anthoni somewhere else. Also I belive I am intruding on your Character development.
    Yeah I'm totally still up for that. Javik wants to get to know Teran better anyway
    Alright. Yeah I hate abandons. TBH I have no idea what happened. Kinda a bummer though :/
    Hey so idk if you want to keep going with the thread and jut do something else like explore the temple/train or abandon it in light of what happened. I'm cool with keeping going but it's up to you
    Yeah I figured because otherwise I think you would have gone the way of Darth Maul in TPM. But hopefully you still had some fun
    Haha well most lightsabers have a "low power" setting. I kinda assumed that's what you use when you spar but we never actually specified. Even those can leave burns though but typically they don't end in death
    Eh only training blades he'd be fine if you decided to come back. But if not then happy hunting and maybe he and Javik will run into each other again!
    My Jedi just left Tatooine not too long ago, he hates it there. No problem lol.
    No death threads are pretty common for stuff like that. I know what ya mean. My Jedi will likely be wandering about training here and there, could run into you doing the same possibly
    I'm usually up for anything. My signature shows 4 characters who can work at it. Smuggler with Hutts, Jedi Padawan, Rebel mandalorian, and a Bounty Huntress. If you want to avoid a big fight, it can be hard to find a reason for them to meet and chat. My Jedi could do with some dark side confrontation. Doesn't have to be all fight as much as a chat and maybe a short tussle that ends in a draw or something.
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