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  • Indeed! 'Twas fun. Should be able to get the mission up either today or tomorrow at the latest!
    Lol woops i fixed that link by the way. Although it looks like you got the idea :p
    Hey bro me again. I might have an upcoming mission that would be some serious Character Devolpment for you and me, Plus a tragic loss of a PC. So heres what i got right now if you are interested.

    Anthoni is in a tough time right now emotionally, He is about to fall to the Dark Side of the force. Anthoni has a friend named Cade, Who is a Player Character named Archer. Archer wants Cade to die soon, and you to kill off Cade. Anthoni will be there and it will be Anthoni, Cade and you if you want to do the Deed.

    This would make Anthoni give into his Rage and Hatred, making him hate all Sith. So what do you say?
    So did you want to finish up the thread now that Fias is leaving or did you have in mind for us to keep exploring the temple?
    Whatever you sign him up for. I think you made a list. But I forget what else was on there =P
    Quick note on my lightsaber in case you didn't read it from his profile link.. It's disguised as a vibroblade staff and would be like his walking-stick/self defense measurement. It wouldn't look like a liightsaber staff.
    I read the entire thread, so I'm caught up. Also, do you have a link to the one you want to look at? They dont let you use unapproved items. Hope it gets done soon if so.
    Also we could do that telekinesis practice in our current thread if you want. Seems like it would make sense
    I know the very basics. Javik could show you that. It's a little unorthodox but since its a core power that a lot of characters start with we could probably get away with it
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