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  • I have the weekend off this week so I will work on some posts that I know I've missed. if I owe you a post and it seems like I am blowing it off, trust me I see you I am just suffering from writer's block in some areas.
    And now I return to the void that is my weekends. Hit me up in a private message if I owe you a post!
    I owe a few more people some posts with my Jedi, will get those out soon. Sorry for the delay I have been pacing myself. Will be in soon.
    Will respond to threads I owe responses to at the end of this weekend, my weekends are usually super busy so I don't get much free time. (Which is ironic because I am supposed to be OFF work on the weekends.)
    Gonna hold off on posts for the day, exhausted from work and DMing. will post in the threads ASAP rocky tomorrow.
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