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  • The main gurlanin is in a hallway outside the bridge there are no wheels or controls, either of you have yet to make it to the bridge, which is sealed with a a blast door, a force resistant forcefield and two-four turrets don't remember which amount I put.
    Face claim? What? Sorry... I'm mixed up right now, and a bit angry... Sorry... I think I might just need to go lay down and sleep >.<" Lol

    UGH! Rough day! Lol
    Actually no, lol... I get laughed at alot, but I don't care, lol... I like vampires, and always have liked the idea... It's just SUPER kinky to me... I like dangerous men, in my fantasies, but to your question... No... I mainly RP wherever I find a high quality group of writers. I've had to move around a bit, because most see writing as a competition, not writing a story... So yeah, I get poked fun at alot, when my characters are simple, story enhancing, non coms, or doctors, or what have you... Lol

    I thought about leaving this one... There's not alot of organization, and there's too many horrid rules that keep the stories from being written... =/ I mean, the massive M-Class mon calamari luxury liner is a private vessel for private industry, as well as public transportation by corporations... But it's 450 - 650m long, so it's off limits, based on a rule that was meant to keep high powered ships out of the hands of bad, over combative, RP'ers? That's just silly... >.<
    If you read Ralek's post he details that he pushed him into a wall and then used lightning on the beast. You will both have to agree on something. If it is that both of you pushed him into the other room I will edit it.
    IDK ANYMORE! Im currently in the fetal position whispering to myself in smeagols voice because I am so confused confusion!
    Ralek pushed him before you did and threw him into a wall and you both decided to use lightning from my understanding.
    Yeah man, that character hasn't still gotten all the approvals I need to do stuff with him and I'm starting to get a little irritated at the situation. So for now he's just gonna gather dust. Sorry about the duel. :)
    Sorry I haven't posted in the duel, lets just cancel it, can't find it in me to use that character right now.
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