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  • Hey, just to let you know I am hoping to be allowed to jump in to Jedi Mission: On Strike, as I understand you need a replacement. :)
    Finally got a new phone. Just need a new computer since mines busted. So I can finally get back to the rp
    I've just put up the post on the battle of naboo thread, you can interact with Teran if you feel like it.
    I hope you don't mind that my Sith character is joining your imperial in the trench he's in on naboo, thought I may as well make some acquaintances for my Sith in the battle.
    I won't call them Drill Sergeants though; officially they're known as Drill Instructors. But yes, they are E7s. Shoulda kept that in mind.
    Glad you like his theme, I am a fan of the Sharpe series and thought it would fit Cristo. Your trooper Varsin is cool character I must say.
    Posted, and introducing Drill Instructor Frederick Matthewson (an NPC from Corric's biography.)
    We should do that, yeah. You go scout out some missions we could take together, and it's your turn in our post btw.
    Are you still in need of a Jedi to breif your group and offer guidance if needed? I could help out with my Jedi Master if you like. While he isn't a councilor, he is a fairly established Jedi Master. Let me know of this works for you.
    If you'd like your Imperial Character to learn how to pilot a Starfighter, please check out THIS thread. It could be fun and beneficial!
    I'll let my friends know, I may even get around to making a Stormtrooper if I have the time. Lol
    I gotcha, well that sounds cool. If you want to make it an Independent Faction you'll need a 3rd member I believe, but it shouldn't be too hard to find one. Might be worth doing an interest check to see who would want to join up.
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