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  • If you'd like your Imperial Character to learn how to pilot a Starfighter, please check out THIS thread. It could be fun and beneficial! Also, super creepy Mew-Two Pic!
    It's all good friend, no worries. In the meantime, I'm running a similar arc, but once you're good to go, it would be awesome to do our original plan as your guy just fit the bill perfectly. :) I hope all is goin well otherwise!
    My apologies, BMAR but apparently it is the "Nakoma is an idiot who shouldnt go chasing bad sith guys" arc. There, Fang - is that better? :P Hahahaha!
    Hey there! :) Just wanted to see if you were still up for that arc between us with the forbidden romance and all and if so, when you might want to start that up with me! :) Fang has dubbed it the "Nakoma is an idiot" RP and I rather like that title. :P We're patient but excited so I just figred I would ask. ;)
    Okay. Before I explain why I can block I need to know. Are you referencing the initial block or the series of parries when Grik is circling V? I believe you're questioning the first block, but I just want to be sure before I dive into it.
    You never got an official poke from me, so you can still join back in. However, I will need you to post more frequently or I will give you official pokes in the future and uphold the time limit.
    I understand that. But the way it ended was...abrupt. But, since you did post that many in the first place I'll consider it complete. Just write up a post for the acquisition office.
    Hey bud, just updating the bounty boards. Now, you were signed up for the low-bounty of "KHORRUS", just wanted to let you know I read it, unfortunately it can't be considered complete. You're free to re-do it by yourself, it only takes a minimum of 3 posts for a low-level bounty to be completed if you do it solo. Do you want to re-do it, or sign up for another bounty, or just want me to drop you from it? Let me know sometime in the next two days if you could, thanks! Sorry for the inconvenience.
    Yeah sorry. Had some family stuff going on...Grandfather, old age, the usual things. Then sister's graduation. I owe so many posts in so many places right now. I'll have it to you if not tonight then tomorrow morning before work. Just been super stressed lately XD My bad, mate.
    Okay, finally posted bud. Your post could end it if you'd like, and count it as mission accomplished. You can go in there, guns blazing, or end it smartly. I'll do the wrap-up post after you, but you can go ahead and count it as over once you post.
    I don't think we have a post order in that thread, as long as we each only take a single post between Omnis'. Either way, I'll have a post up tonight. Work has been riding my ass the past few days.
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