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    Granee Lorda (Grand Lord)

    The Granee Lorda is the representative and irrefutable leader of the Hutt Cartel. The rank itself carries true power as the Grand Lordís word is to be considered law, with any betrayal or disobeying of his word being severely punishable. The current Granee Lorda is Borga Vosadii Pronda.

    Con Lorda (Underlord)

    The Con Lorda is a position within the leadership structure of the Hutt Cartel. The Con Lorda is the primary adviser or counselor to the Granee Lorda, with the additional responsibility of representing the Granee Lorda in meetings both within the Cartel and with external organizations. The Con Lorda is a close, trusted friend and confident, the Cartelís version of an elder statesman. He is one of the few members of the Cartel not related to the Granee Lorda who can argue with him or her, and is often tasked with challenging the Granee Lorda when needed. The current Con Lorda is Jack Tamblyn, the first non-Hutt to be awarded the position.

    Lorda (Lord)

    The Lordas are the individuals who make up the Lordas' Council, holding elected positions within the ruling echelon of the Cartel. The Lordaís duty is to organize operations to expand and solidify Cartel influence, while ensuring military stability. Lordas often express specialties in their operations, with some favoring illegal sports betting, while others focus on contract mercenary work. Presently, all Lordas are Hutts.

    Champio (Captain)

    Champios are those leading large syndicate operations. They have proven loyalty to the Cartel beyond reproach and are trusted with the very safety and security of the Lordas' Council. Traditionally, this represents the highest rank a non-Hutt may achieve within the Cartel. Each Champio is assigned to one of the ruling kadijics and, aside from loyalty to the Cartel itself, are expected to be devoted followers of the Lorda above them. The scale and number of operations run by members at this rank vary greatly.


    Enforcers have proven their worth in the arena of the galaxy. They are capable of handing out jobs to prospects or even hiring the early stages of personal empires. Enforcers also include big name bounty hunters, and burgeoning entrepreneurial minds. Prospects may make it happen, but Enforcers are the ones who make sure the tasks are completed successfully.

    Kung (Prospect)

    Everyone starts at this rank when they join the Cartel. This rank is specific to newcomers, giving them a chance to learn how the Cartel works, and to prove their worth. Kungs range from fresh-faced mercs, bounty hunters and rookie businessmen and women. As they have yet to earn the Cartelís trust, they have also not earned the Cartelís money, and work largely for the honor of being a member of the cartel if promoted.[/FONT]
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