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    Default Hutt Cartel Ranks


    Grand Lord (Granee Lorda)
    The Granee Lorda is the Representative and figurehead of the Hutt Cartel. The rank itself holds true power within the Hutt Cartel as the Grand Lordís word is to be considered law, irrefutable, and any betrayal or disobeying of that word is severely punishable. In short the Grand Lord is the big boss who leads the Cartel.

    Underlord (Lorda)
    The Lorda are the individuals that make up the Granee Lorda's Council, and are also an elected position. Still, the Granee Lorda can nominate someone for Lorda, and usually this nomination is the one who wins, but not always. The Lorda's main concerns are organizing operations to expand the Hutt Cartel's influence and making sure all military affairs are in order.

    Captain (Champios)
    The Champios are criminal, mercenaries, smugglers, and bounty hunters who have proven their worth to the Cartel. They serve as personal guards, assassins, and pilots for their chosen Lorda. These men can lead Enforcers in certain operations if they so choose, and are given command over certain operations that the lower ranks can't be trusted with just yet. They also do not have to be Hutt, unlike the higher ranks in the Cartel. Traditionally this represents the highest rank a non-Hutt can achieve in the Cartel.

    The Enforcer is the standard mercenary within the Cartel. They are assigned jobs that range from smuggling to assassinations to enforcing, much like the Captains. Unlike the Captains however, Enforcers do not serve one particular Underlord and are not given command over other Enforcers. They also do not get put in charge of operations. Instead the Enforcers are mainly used with a more 'hands on' approach, until they can prove themselves and become Captains. From a general standpoint however it is still a respected position to have as it shows one has become a true member of the Hutt Cartel.

    Prospect (Kung)
    Last on the list of ranks are the Prospects. The Prospects are a necessary part of the Hutt Cartel, they are members that have yet to earn the full trust of the rest of the Cartel. They have yet to be tested, yet to accomplish missions, and during this time they are vital to truly show the loyalty of being a true member. They are at the bottom of the food chain, though it is where every member has started and thus dubbed as initiates who must prove themselves to advance and become made.
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