Similar to the Witches of Dathomir, the Fallanassi, also known as the Adepts of the White Current, were a reclusive and mysterious Force organization that consisted of mostly female Force-users. They had developed their own traditions and beliefs that focused on the practice of pacifism and submission to the light side of the Force. Their practice was therefore viewed as a religion and the White Current as their deity. Records are still incomplete that detail rituals, the Force Users are selective and secretive on sharing and teaching their information. However, even though the Jedi also follow guidance of the light side of the Force, the Fallanassi, were stricter followers and found it difficult to accept the ideals of the New Jedi Order as followers the light side of the Force.

History of the Fallanassi

The origins of this Force organization has yet to be recorded, however, the home world of the Fallanassi, Lucazec, originís can be traced back to the days of the Xim Empire when it was known as Far Thanium in 25, 100 BBY. Whether or not they originated from the mentioned planet is still for debate.

During the days of the Galactic Empire, a member of the order had revealed their existence to the Imperial Governor of Lucazec. The Empire had hoped to use the Fallanassi and their power under the disguise of offering protection only if the Fallanassi pledged their loyalty to the Empire. The Fallanassi refused and fled across the galaxy. It should also be noted Lucazec was destroyed during the invasion of the Yuuzong Vong.

They would seek refuge on many worlds before settling on Doornik-628E. Its inhabitants, the Híkig pilgrims had renamed this world in the Koornacht Cluste,r Jítípítan. The Híkig had also fled from the Galactic Empire also and welcomed the Fallanassi as they shared their home. In 20 ABY, Jedi Grandmaster Luke Skywalker had met with the Fallanassi member, Akanah Norand Pell, revealing their existence to the Republic. Shortly after their revelation, both the Híkig and the Fallanassi nearly met their extinction when Yevetha begun annihilate civilizations in the Koornacht Cluster. With their power and knowledge of the White Current, the Fallanassi were able to merge the sacred Temple of the Infinite, creating the illusion of ruins and thus fooling the Yevetha the Híkig were abolished.

The Fallanassi talent for illusions brought an end to the Yevethaís genocidal campaign when Master Skywalker was able to convince the leader to create a ďphantom fleetĒ, ending the Yevetha threat. They would leave Jítípítan shortly after, settling on the moon, Pydyr, of the planet Almania. The Fallanassi would contact Master Skywalker years after in 39 ABY, but no record of any future contact from them have been reported since then.

White Current

Grandmaster Luke Skywalker had observed the White Current and the Force to be of the same. The Fallanassi used the White Current to create illusions and had no desire nor demonstrated any other ability to use the Force in any other way such as healing and telekinesis. Instead of the Jedi concept of submerging oneself within the Force, the Fallanassi focused on the techniques of immersion into the ripples presented by the Force. The adapts believe the Current could not be manipulated and submission to its will gave way to their power and abilities. The White Current is taught how it entwines with mind, body, and soul, and therefore gives way to the creation of powerful illusions in the Force.

Their unique connection to the Force also gave way for a stronger ability for sensing the presence of those around them. This greater detection in sensing by the Forceís ripples allowed them to see through other created illusions of cloaking through the Force as well as cloaking through technology. Master Skywalker was taught these techniques and later Jacen Solo, who in turn taught them to the son of the Jedi Grandmaster and Master Mara Jade Skywalker, Ben Skywalker.