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    New Sith Imperium

    Sith Ranks
    From the earliest era of its foundation, the Sith Order has been formed into a monarchy-like structure with the lower tier of Sith being regarded as the weakest, least important members, often little more than pawns, whereas those highest within the Order's echelon retain majestic status, taking roles not dissimilar to kings, warlords, or emperors. Either through prominence, recognition, or the seizing of power through their own merit, Sith move up in the hierarchy as they become more experienced, attain greater strength, or otherwise prove themselves worthy.
    Sith Acolyte

    Sith Acolytes, also called Sith Initiates or, if they are youthful, Sith Hopefuls, are the raw recruits that enter into the Sith Order for training in the ways of the Dark Side. While most possess no practical applicant knowledge of the Force, they are often regarded as mere Dark Jedi, and require the training of a Sith Crusader, or if they show unique promise, a Sith Lord, to teach them the aspects of the Dark Side of the Force and truly become a member of the Sith Order.

    Unlike the Jedi Order, the rank of Sith Acolyte does not change whether the Acolyte has an appointed master or not. This is in line with the Sith hording power for themselves, with only the exceptional able to gain prominence. Despite the namesake, Sith Acolytes are not considered to be Sith, per other Sith viewing them as lowly Dark Jedi. Thus, a Sith Acolyte must complete their training fully to attain the next rank and become a "true" Sith. This period before becoming a true Sith is marked by much hazing and often death.
    Sith Crusader

    Sith Crusaders, or simply Sith make up the bulk of the Sith Order's forces and represent the iron fist of the New Sith Imperium in military affairs and enforcement of imperial law. The few Acolytes that were able to master their training and progress to the degree that their masters deem them worthy now rightfully bear the mantle of “Sith.” As the primary enforcers of their Dark Lord's will, the Sith Crusaders are founds in all reaches of the galaxy, as they take on most of missions for the Order.

    Serving as living weapons and extensions of the Sith Emperor's will, the Sith are a force to be feared throughout the galaxy.

    As weapons of the Dark Side for multiple purposes, Sith Crusaders have three primary specializations. The first is known as the Sith Warrior, which are the most infamous of all Sith on the battlefield, elite swordsmen that specialize in lightsaber and physical combat. The second are the Sith Sorcerers, the most sinister and malignant of the Sith Order, who specialize in advanced Sith magics and Sith alchemy. The third are the silent Sith Assassins who specialize is fighting from the shadows and more subtle methods of combat.
    Sith Warrior

    The Sith Warriors are the emblem of the Sith Order, representing what every sentient in the galaxy fears most about the Sith. Identified by their omnipresent lightsaber on their person at all times, the Sith Warriors are the most brutal crushing force the Sith Order is capable of producing. Combative, aggressive even by Sith standards, and conditioned to execute any order given to them by their Dark Lord, Sith Warriors are what most sentient imagine when they think of Sith.

    As the primary wagers of war and strife, Sith Warriors have several furthered specialized paths, including the Sith War Master, masters of the use of various weapons besides lightsabers, the Sith Aviator; the Sith commanding starfigher squadrons within the Imperium, and bladesmen, the lightsaber instructors of the Sith Academies, with the foremost being the Sword Master. Master Sith Warriors earn the title of Sith Juggernaut.
    Sith Sorcerer

    Sith Sorcerers are the among the most sinister and conniving members of the Sith Order. Manipulation is their greatest weapon, and it is wielded by them as proficiently as they themselves wield the Dark Side of the Force. Deadly forces of spellcasters and magicians, the Sith Sorcerers are feared even by other Sith, and regarded as the most potent users of the Dark Side in the Sith Order, able to manipulate the Dark Side of the Force and bend it to their wills like none other.

    The Sith Sorcerers can take many paths of specializations, including Sith Alchemists; the users of arcane magics of the Dark Side to forge unnatural creations, both living and non-living, Sith Inquisitors; masters of Sith philosophy and in utilizing the Dark Side and clouding the minds of others, and Sith Prophets; the philosophers of the Sith and the Dark Side, able to tap into the greatest of Sith secrets and techniques. Master Sith Sorcerers earn the title of Sith Arcanist.
    Sith Assassin

    The Sith Assassins are among the most feared beings to enemies of the Dark Lord and Sith Order. Living entirely within the realm of shadows and darkness, Sith Assassins are a largely unseen force in the galaxy, acting as spies and death dealers for their Dark Lord and masters. Masters of hiding their presence within the Force and bending light and particles to move about unseen, Sith Assassins are able to infiltrate nearly any environment and accomplish their Lord's will without ever being detected.

    As single-purposed in their dealings, Sith Assassins have fewer specializations than their counterparts, including the Sith Infiltrator; highly trained spies for the Sith who infiltrate various organizations, including even the Jedi Order, the Sith Slayer; Sith trained solely to execute enemies of the Dark Lord in secrecy, whether they be openly enemies or allies, and the Sith Sentry; Sith dispatched from world to world, seeking out Force sensitives to conscript into the Sith Order. Master Sith Assassins earn the title of Sith Executioner.
    Sith Master

    The Sith Masters are the elite of the Order, and represent the few that have come to a true understanding of the Dark Side of the Force, and bending it to their will. Dreaded as they are renowned, Sith Masters could be the most deadly of warriors and the most learned in Sith magics and sorcery, making them the masters of the Dark Side and the Sith Order of the highest caliber, far surpassing the ferocity and prowess of the Sith Crusaders. The most exceptional of the Sith Masters may be elevated to the most coveted position of Sith Lord. It is also at the rank of Master that a Sith may challenge a Sith Lord for their title and position with a sense of validity and weight. Note that this is no longer used as an official rank, Sith of this level are generally referred to as Lord or Lady and then their name although this may not technically be their rank.
    Sith Lord

    The Sith Lord, or Sith Lady, is one of few individuals that are among the most elite of the Order, it is these few men and women that are among the truly terrifying. To attain this rank is considered the height of glory and opens doors that would be closed to most any other, including the possibility to challenge a Darth of the Dark Council for their title and seat. New paths to power one may not have dreamed of prior. To be recognized as a Lord of the Sith grants one the authority to do as they please so long as it does not directly contradict what they were told by one of the Dark Council or pre-established laws.

    • Shadow Hands, occasionally called Emperor's Hands, are individuals of Sith Lord strength who serve directly under the Dark Lord of the Sith. Though technically lower than the Dark Council, they do not take orders from the Dark Council. They serve as the instruments of the Dark Lord's will. Unlike regular Sith Lords, the Shadow Hands' identities are hidden from the public, sometimes not even know to members of the Dark Council. During Darth Exodeus' reign, he replaced the Shadow Hands with the Templars. However, after his dethronement, the templars were removed from power.
    Dark Council

    The Dark Council is a gathering of the most powerful and skilled Sith within the Order, with power and responsibility second only to the Empress and the Dark Lord. Chosen from within the ranks of the Sith Lords, either by rite of combat or by the Dark Lord based on their unparalleled skill, they are the true elite of the Sith Order. Granted the title of Darth, they are given near complete dominion over different facets of the Sith Empire, answering only to the Dark Lord's will. This does not however mean that their position is secure; any who attain the rank of Sith Lord may challenge a Darth for their seat; the old falling and the new rising has always been the way of the Sith, and a Darth who cannot defend his seat from a challenger is unworthy of it in the first place. Positions of the Dark Council change over time, but the current Dark Council consists of the High Judge, Grand Vizier, High Arcanist, and Warmaster.
    Dark Lord and Empress
    Originally, the emperorship and dark lordship were one and the same. However, during Tyrn Lightell's reign, the two positions were separated. The emperor/empress controls the empire at whole, while the Dark Lord commands the Sith Order for the throne. In the event that an emperor or empress is unable or unwilling to lead, the Dark Lord serves as regent.
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