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 The Republic Zvonimir Augustus

Discussion in 'Approved Character Profiles' started by Faster Than Light, Apr 30, 2019.

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    B I O G R A P H Y
    Zvonimir Augustus was born on Anaxes in a time where the were still two Sith Empires and before the civil war between Imperial Republica and the Old Empire, before even the Mandalorians begin to rise up. Zvonimir was raised in a military (more specificlly the Imperial Starfleet), service-oriented family back when the Drast Emperors were very much well respected and when the Sith Empire was still very much in full power over the galaxy. Although Zvonimir's mother was retired from service well before she had a child, however his father Arcturus Augustus is an Imperial Director and military officer. Even Zvon's grandparents served as well. Zvonimir had two younger brothers. Childhood wasn't fun and games for Zvonimir and his siblings as discipline was a very big thing, acting out of line resulted in harsh punishments, so it was rare for one of them to step out of line. In the end they were all to fit a particular mold with his vision in mind, to build a legacy for his family name and line. Arcuturus wasn't a loving father by any means which has another whole set of issues.

    But fortunately this didn't prove too much of a burden to Zvonimir. After regular primary schooling, he would be enrolled as a cadet in a naval academy on Anaxes at the 'suggestion' of his father. From there he would begin his training as an Imperial officer, he would perform well. It was then that he would discover that he had a real talent on the flight simulators. Eventually that would translate well over to flying actual fighter craft and in no time he would be getting his wings.

    Not long after becoming a full-fledged pilot and Lieutenant, the landscape in the galaxy has changed drastically from what it was since he was born: The Mandalorians have been in full revolt and have took over a big swath of Imperial territory, Imperial Republica was merged into the Old Empire after two suffering two useless crownholders. The Sith Empire becoming whole and the Emperor not being a Drast for the first time since the Sith dominated the galaxy 500 years ago. Zvonimir was skeptical with how this would go, but with the gears finally in motion with Emperor Rask at the helm things might be looking up.

    P E R S O N A L I T Y
    Raised to be a prim and proper Imperial Republica citizen back when it was still around, Zvonimir was an ideal subject of that half of the Empire, revering the Drast crown, xenophobic towards aliens as he sees as filthy. He was also raised with discipline and to be man of duty, carrying out his superior's orders no question. He had no time for anything fun in his childhood thanks to his upbringing by his father.

    Nowadays he is stationed away from his father's reach, and now that he isn't chained on to him, he finds that he has his own desires he wants to fulfill, and fun and glory he wants to seek for his own sake.

    His attitude towards the Old Empire's culture (that's bled into the unified Sith Empires') particularly regarding the Force and their idea of advancement by stabbing each other is dismissive the same as it was viewed as barbaric and outdated by most of Imperial Republica. And even with Sith re-unification equalizing aliens in the former Republica, he still views aliens as rabble and generally filthy. Some things can never change or at least so easily, but at least he knows for his own sake to keep his opinions to himself.

    But still, he will serve the Sith Empire, with ambition to move up the ranks.
    A B I L I T I E S
    As a pilot, Zvonimir's first and foremost specialty is flying, particularly comfortable in the controls of a Reflex-class Starfighter but can fly a Vex or Crux-class if needed. That's not to say flying is the only thing Zvonimir can do as the naval academy teaches more then that. He's a decent shot with a blaster if need be although he would perfer the skies anyday over the ground.
    S T A N D A R D _ E Q U I P M E N T

    Pilot Flightsuit
    VBP-11 Blaster Pistol (1x Spare Powerpack)
    ⇀ Vibroknife
    ⇀ Aviator Sunglasses

    M I S C E L L A N E O U S

    Other Assets
    Dagger Class Heavy Starfighter ()
    ⇀⇀Shield Booster ()
    MIA-01 "M1-6"

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    There he is. I like the coding, might steal it. Also looking forward to seeing more pilots ;-) I remember you telling me about him.
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