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    NAME: Zane Knox
    FACTION: Imperial Republica
    RANK: Imperial Agent
    SPECIES: Human
    AGE: 25
    GENDER: Male

    APPEARANCE: 6'1'' Brown hair, Hazel eyes, 205 lbs. He is slender but well founded. He has very little fat on him.

    ATTRIBUTES: Knox grew up with little and had to earn everything he wanted or even needed, himself. He learned a few things from his father on how to maintain a ship and its droids but everything else, he had to learn and do himself. He is very smart and can make the right decisions on a pinch and be very sharp in wit over most others. Although he is in great shape and a decent sized man who shows others a tough and dont mess with exterior, he is actually very week and never been in a physical altercation with anyone before and would probably get his rear handed to him if it came to it. This all means very high intellect, high dexterity and stamina but low constitution and health.

    PERSONALITY: Hes not cocky but is strict with men under his command. He would rather hold a comment back than for it to be taken incorrectly and to thrust himself and others into harms way. He would rather not volunteer for minor tasks that he may know how to do very well, so that he may observe the alternate approach of someone else, to expand his own knowledge and understanding. When it comes to things more challenging and rarely done, he will volunteer to gain the knowledge in trial and error to even further progress his knowledge. He will never start a fight but he will defend himself to the end.

    Zane grew up both on the streets and in the stars. He was born a bastard to a local star lord or smuggler and his mother died shortly after, he was taken in by a crime family and tasked with low level theft in order to earn his room and board.
    When he reached the age of 9, his father came looking for him, not out of a long lost son but a free slave pretty much. From 9 to 16, Zane worked for his life on his fathers ship leaning about every function of the ship and how to fix or upgrade them. Due to his fathers shady business dealings, they came under fire a lot and Zane was always hard at work in fire control and battle repair. On Zanes free time, he spent reading books and playing strategy games with fellow crew.
    At 16, Zane was hired (Really sold though) on by another smuggler where in doing so, Zane lost all of his possessions. This was hard on him for the whole year he spent on the ship. He missed his books and his strategy games. At the end of that year, the ship was boarded and taken by the Empire. The crew killed except for Zane and a few other low ranks and they were released on the streets of Corasant.
    Now 17 with his career gone and not one penny to his name, Zane had to figure out how to survive in a flash. His first thought was to find the local smugglers den or bar to find new work. On his way, however, he came across a recruiter for the Imperial Fleet. Promised the chance to make a name for himself, and Glory and blah blah blah.... It all sounded perfect to this 17 year old who knew nothing else besides being pretty much someone elses slave and in it for their gain and not his own. Zane joined the Naval Academy a few moments later and was shipped off and in front of an instructor before the end of the following day with more possessions than he had ever had in his entire life.
    Zane spent the next 4 years at the Academy and other various side expertise instructional courses like engineering and fleet command strategy. After the academy, however, he was not assigned to a frigate or capital ship like he had planned and wished, instead he was assigned as a pilot of a starfighter. Zane could fly very well, but his aim and targeting maneuvers were so bad that he caught the name "Bulls Eye" by his fellow pilots very quickly. That funny nickname quickly faded after a light skirmish in which his Squadron lost their commander and were out of communication range with their command ship. This is when Zanes sense of command and strategy had finally come out and revealed itself. Zane organized his Squadron under his-self declared command and wiped out the rest of the resistance in the battle (still not hitting a thing himself). When he returned to the ship, he returned with a lot more respect from his peers than he left with. The only other person to see or recognize his heroic effort on the battle, was his commanding officer who quickly promoted him out of the cockpit of a star-fighter and into his bridge crew. Zane served on the sub-command crew for the frigate for 2 years before his commanding officer was transferred to command a Cruiser of his own. The commander brought Zane along and assigned him to a sub-command position in engineering and fire control. Zane did well but wished he could be back on the bridge or even in command of his own ship. He spent the next 2 years as a lieutenant in this position until he once again was transferred back to a Frigate as a pilot of one of its transports or fighters.
    This is where we are now. Zane is either on assignment flying black ops missions for the Sith warriors or on the pilot dock of the Frigate he now calls home. On some lucky missions, he will be paired with a commando unit and take charge of an assault or landing ship, but this is not very often.

    marksmanship: Very poor
    swordsmanship: Unknown to him
    medical knowledge: Fair
    multilingual: Good
    technological expertise: Excellent
    piloting: Good
    Strategy: Great
    Health: Average
    Dexterity: Good
    Stamina: Good
    Strength: Poor
    Command: Good

    5 clips of Pistol ammunition
    Imperial Republica Officer Uniform

    UH-7 ArmoTank

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    -- The Content Below is Optional, but Encouraged!--

    Father: Poor
    Small circle of Pilots: Great
    Officer of a Imperial Republica Cruiser: Good

    Black Jack

    None yet.


    Post the names of the PC characters (characters role-played by real people) that your character has killed. If possible, include a link to the thread in which your character killed him/her.

    Has your characters been in any matches in the Dueling Ring or participated in a PvP, be it a Main Faction battle, a duel, or a skirmish? If so, post the names of those he/she has fought and include a link to the fight. Also be sure to specify who won the match.
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    A wing is a fairly big group of fighters, a few squadrons at least, and each squadron has a squadron leader. So if the wing's commander died, normally it would be one of the squadron leaders who would take command, and there would surely be a designated second in command. So a little likely that as a pilot who's bad at flying he would find himself in a leadership position. If you change it to a single squadron then its more believable and fits with level 1 restrictions. Him being on the bridge is okay, but he would not be in any position of command, just one of many personnel stationed there.

    Please tag me once you have made these changes.
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    I was under the assumption that a wing was 5 or 6 max fighters. Thanks
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    You thinking of a flight

    2 to 4 flights per squadron
    2 to 4 squadrons per wing
    2 to 4 wings per group
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    @Wit Sorry, I thought I had updated this a while ago. It has now been updated. I removed all the higher level stuff that a level 1 character has no business being in.
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    I'm not going to speak for the rest of the profile (Wit or another CP Mod can do that ^.^) but your going to need a different pistol. The linked one is archived. Might i suggest this one or this one?
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    Done. Thank you for catching that Faster.
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    Can't use the ship till the issues in its submissions are cleared up, but otherwise looks good to go! Approved!