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    Entry 1#

    Much has happened since my departure from Coruscant. I nearly killed myself with alcohol in a shithole called Bandomeer. If Naanse or Larile saw me then they would’ve been so ashamed...and I wouldn’t have blame them. Then, again how could anyone not but break when going through the unimaginable. One of the worst things in the universe is to take someone you love for granted and lose them.

    I gave many years of loyal service to the Republic in various roles. Back then I justified to myself the government’s flaws, believing it was still redeemable. Only the death of Larile and her classmates opened my eyes. The Republic’s defenses were so weak that a band of space brigands were able sneak into the Core Worlds. In the process they were able to raid then destroy the ship the students were on.

    Those force damned pirates committed the crime but it was Mori Valorum’s policies and her supporters during her term in office that made such a tragedy possible. Of course Valorum has stepped down from office by now yet the system that enabled her incompetence still exists. Sure there are those such as Anton Price who try their best to work within its structure but they are well meaning fools like I was. Also there are those who care nothing but for their own personal gain. Self serving profiteers would be an accurate description of that bunch that sabotage efforts to govern efficiently.

    Finally the so-called doves who hide behind the word peace as if that makes themselves saints. In fact they are content for people to be sacrificed for a kriffing fantasy as long as it doesn’t affect them! Yes some seem to be sympathetic to the Sith Empire that I now serve but doesn’t lessen their hypocrisy in my eyes. The day is coming when all these senators and the system they leech on will no longer matter. I will make sure of it, doing all in my power to assist the Empire into becoming something greater than the Republic was and will ever be.

    All hail Empress Andraste!

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