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    138 ZABIĆ - [multi-faction] W E D D I N G Z I L L A

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    NAME: Zabić 'To Kill'
    SURNAME: (Inconsequential)
    ALIAS: Życie 'Life'
    FACTION: Jedi
    MILITARY RANK: Guardian Class Knight
    SPECIES: Human
    AGE: 27
    GENDER: Female
    HEIGHT: 5’
    WEIGHT: 120
    EYES: Green
    HAIR: Auburn
    SKIN: Ivory
    CREDITS: 1,000
    DISTINGUISHING MARKS: Saber Burns and Bullet Wounds, kept hidden.

    APPEARANCE: Notable expressive eyes. Thin and toned body. Likes her hair short and wispy. A feminine woman, never seen shabby or unkempt. Even in battle, seen from afar, she carries herself with grace. Bullet scars across her rib cage, earned while fighting at a young age. She will say, you should see the other guy.

    STRENGTH: All toned muscle from ongoing body sculpting.
    DEXTERITY: Agility much improved since her Acolyte years.
    CONSTITUTION: Depressed. Works hard to appear sober and interested.
    INTELLIGENCE: When facing difficult situations, creative reasoning causes common sense to be her last revelation. However in difficult situations where creative deduction is the best means of successfully obtaining the desired outcome, she's always a step ahead. This gives her the aptitude to take the lead in dire situations. But she does come off as a little ditsy at times, to fail to realize the most obvious course of action.
    WISDOM: While a creative plotter when under the heat of intense developments, during everyday situations acting on impulse seems to be most prominant.
    CHARISMA: This femme fatale character will use her femininity in an unscrupulous manner. However, hand it right back to her, and most likely you will get your eyes scratched out; it all depends upon how she perceives you.

    Speed, Cloak, Stealth

    Force Sight, Farseeing, Empathy, Comprehend Speech, Telepathy (pathetic), Force Corruption

    Telekinesis - Jump, Leap, Push, Pull, Grip, Crush, Choke
    Tutaminis, Barrier, Deflection, Absorb, Force Enhance, Lightning, Pyrokinesis, Spear of Midnight Black

    Skilled Marksman
    Pilot of Small Craft

    Niman Form VI
    Jar'Kai and Trakata.


    Zabić's strength is still in her drive to succeed. Her current thirst involves opening herself up to expanding her understanding of life and the Galaxy in which she exists, and expanding her understanding of her ability to manipulate her world and the lives of those around her. She needs to redefine her goals to include her personal design. She seeks to lead a life which fulfills her. She is slowly learning that there are people who make themselves available to help her to reach her new goals, where others have fallen away.

    Her weakness is an inherent doubt that tomorrow will not be as interesting nor progressive as today. Doubt in herself, that she may realize her findings and her inner discoveries to be just a facade that will dissolve over time, just as occurred in her past. She fears to lose devotion of those whom she herself learns to value, as occurred with the people of her past whom she thought she meant something to. Doubt is the word of the day, every day.

    Does not like being ordered around.
    Extrovert, but controllable if she feels she needs to be cautious.
    Discovered her conscience, and finds it confusing.
    Introspective and suddenly inspired to reflect on her purpose in life.
    Sobered because she has found something much more interesting to feel.
    Still not afraid of any big bad wolf; well, she'd like to still say that and mean it.
    Zabić does worry that her actions might anger her Empress, and the Dark Lord.
    Oddly she has always proven herself to be protective of children.
    Very interested to experience whatever is to be next.
    Big bad Crusader < Death By Baby.


    Zabić, whose name means to Kill, is born of two powerful Sith Masters, who chose one another on the basis to balance out their skill-sets, strictly for the purpose to procreate an offspring useful to further the success of the Imperium. Talk about loyalty and dedication! But it just so happened that they rather enjoyed the process and eventually one another in it, terming her their lovechild.

    Zabić's early life revolved around testy situations purposefully orchestrated with the intent to shape her reactions to life. But she developed her parents' individual outlook on things as well. It quickly escalated that slacking off became totally unacceptable. At times she felt bombarded with lessons. As she grew older, it just seemed most unusual, as the situations she was thrown into became more intense. In time, she began to feel like her life was nothing more than their personal experiment. She felt no individuality. The nostalgia of her wore off for her parents, and the task of training her to perfection became more of an obsession. She began to fantasize about wanting nothing more than to leave them both. It was like being homeschooled in an occult. She longed to learn what life was like for those who dwelled on the other side of the fence.

    Zabić left to venture out alone in eager anticipation, just as she had hoped. But she found herself facing instant opposition. Needless to say, she made her first kill on that occasion. She was not even 9 years of age. Her actions were discovered by a man who followed an agenda regarding her.

    Needless to say, the entire ordeal and the meeting of this stranger was the plot of her Mother. The man she met however, was another Sith Master. His name was Nado. And he portrayed every sign taught by her parents of being a trustworthy individual. But she failed this test overall, that she did not trust her instincts about him. Nado masked his Force signature so well, and something ungraspable in the back of her mind told her this. But that skill is what he immediately took to teaching her to do. And this Sith Master took her on a journey with him, with the blessing of her parents.

    Zabić learned from Nado, many aspects of survival in dangerous terrain. She learned from him Magic and Potions, the use of the land itself to alter her reality. The journey was a decade long. Battles were fought, enemies to the Imperium slain together. Unworthy people were contained and driven to conform to the will of the two. The value of life, in the truest of Sith fashion was learned while out there. She learned to pilot small craft. She learned many Force skills. She learned on her own, how to manipulate Nado. And Zabić loved life.


    The one event she would come to regret, which is the cause of great grief, is the eventual division of their paths. They had become victims in the night of a massive onslaught of poisonous spiderlings. Nado awoke too late for reversal of the attack. The Antidote already on hand wasn't enough for the both of them. It wasn't even enough to heal her Master. It was granted to Zabić to endure. Her Master chose death. Such a gesture of love to this extreme never made itself manifest in her life before. It was as perplexing is it could get. She knew that every logic would have driven him to choose himself over her. As Nado expired, the word daughter was upon his lips. His auburn hair should have given him away from the start.

    Zabić recently returned to her home only to discover her Mother too was in the ground quite prematurely. Her Father showed no remorse, and his granted excuse for her death was uttered with a coldness Zabić had never seen about him before that day. To add injury to the remorse of her chilling loss of her Mother and the shocking grief over the loss of her Master of ten years, her Father seemed unexpectedly estranged toward her. Nado's last words haunted her. She felt her own life endangered by the man whom she called Father all these years, thus Zabić left the place she once called home. This explains why her last name is inconsequential.

    With intent to begin anew and grow further in the power of the Force, the journey of Zabić's formal entry among the Ranks of the Sith begins here. The next milestone for Zabić occurred immediately after her great hardship, as she was taken under the wing of Sith Juggernaut and one time Battlemaster Drakus Ty'Laun, currently known as Lord Vyrassu, and studied under his tutelage. She earned her way through life working as a bouncer for a little dive bar, which discounted her rent for the upstairs loft.

    One fine day Jaron Unskii walked into the establishment for the first time, and he stood by Zabić in clearing out the riffraff. Unbeknownst to Zabić, he would quickly become her good friend, visiting the pub often. She trust him with her life, equally as much as she trusts her Master. They have served in Missions together, and spent more down time together which has often involved training and dueling sessions.

    Needless to say, Zabić's lifestyle provided her access to endless drinks, a pastime of which she had taken full advantage. This lead to drinking outside of her home and interfered drastically with her advancement in the Sith Imperium, as she had even been witnessed to pass out in public from time to time, a very dangerous state for a Sith Warrior to fall victim. It wasn't until one fateful day that The Empress Herself came to Korriban and graciously spoke with her servants, giving them a vision, Her own insight to Her ultimate Power of the a Force, encouraging all to strive for great heights, which lead Zabić to swear off drinking forever. And she wholeheartedly apologized to her Master for her public foolishness, which he often tried his best to discourage. And Zabić never broke her Vow to him. She changed for the better, and advanced in her training.

    Zabić spent a lot of her time training on Korriban. Having gained much experience in training with Jaron, she thought long and hard before deciding to search for one worthy to Apprentice for the elite Warrior Class Sith. There are many, but only few will be chosen.

    It was not long until Jaron turned up missing. He was nowhere to be found. Life or death tugged him into another direction, without warning. Her own Master went away for an extended amount of time. It wasn't odd of him. Zabić was forced to stick to her duties, rather than search for a man who she knows to be quite capable of protecting himself! She truly did not worry for him!

    Zabić spent year teaching on Korriban and running assignments for the Imperium until the chore grew tedious. She took herself an Apprentice, Acolyte Vandheer Tarwae. She found him very capable to grow as a successful Warrior.

    Zabić is an ambitious learner. She is quite capable of adapting to new things. But there is nothing she won't try. She might try things on her own, not always a wise choice without first learning every aspect of what her predecessors have tried and found success in, or failure.

    Zabić is known to be fearless regarding interaction with other persons of power. This does not mean she does not respect them for their skill. But none will witness her to cringe without good reason.

    But in opposition to the statement above, regarding her history it is only understandable that spiders might creep her out. She has been witnessed to use the Force on a spider just to wipe it out of existence! As expected, she enjoyed it, wholeheartedly.

    Sith Lightsaber

    May consider to adopt anything that will kill arachnids.

    ~ As confident and brazen as you would expect of the Juggernaut/Battlemaster's Apprentice.
    ~ Honest with those deserving, in regards to love and hatred.
    ~ Fearless attitude above all emotion.
    ~ Brazen with those she chooses to approach for whatever reason she deems them valuable.
    ~ Will use you, if desired, once she figures you out; and will highly respect you if you catch her at it.
    ~ Outspoken, yet fickle.
    ~ Regrets losses, but won't be brought low by them, appearing as a stronger person than she truly feels on the inside.
    ~ Holds most at arms length regarding issues of her personal life, unless proven trustworthy.
    ~ Prefers to forget her past. But should you know it and bring it up to her, she might reveal a whole different person to you, if she values you at all. There are few who will actually be given the chance to know the real inner woman.
    ~ Spontaneous in regards to direction and interaction, but no longer destruction.
    ~ Quirky reactions at times.
    ~ Gets into sticky situations for the fun of it.
    ~ Toys with those who interest her. Lives for the game of cat and mouse. In other words: Incorrigibly flirtatious.
    ~ 1st: Being a functioning closet lush is her favorite pastime.
    ~ 2nd: Sobered after meeting The Empress. BUT DOES NOT PREFER IT.
    ~ 3rd: Once again a content drinker; she broke her promise because she's bored.
    ~ Unforgiving and sordid when dealing with enemies.
    ~ Still bigoted against non-force sensitives.
    ~ Not a fan of most men either.
    ~ Absolutely detests lack of canon respect among the Ranks.
    ~ Refuses to teach just any insatiable fool.
    ~ Sought and found something more important than herself.
    ~ Is in the process of inner changes and personal discovery.
    ~ Has become conscientious.
    ~ Thinks before she reacts.

    Implications PvP Duel with Acolyte Jaron Unskii and a Zabić style victory.

    PYRO.103 Pyromania Class.

    The Desert's Test a bar scene.

    Hot In Dreshdae Meeting The Empress, and swearing off drunkenness.

    A Celebration of Victory, The Imperial Ball.

    What You've Learned Saber Training with the venerable Warmaster.

    Phantasmagoric Mission.

    Cinnagaran Trials Rescue Me Mission Simulation.

    Limitations Are A Lie training of Acolyte Rorryyhn.

    Forging Honor training interview of Sith Hopeful Mitsuki Al Mysterio.

    Composite of Darkness discovery of Acolyte Vandheer Tarwae.

    Darkside Emotions initial training of Acolyte Vandheer Tarwae.

    Field Trip into Dreshdae formal invite to Apprenticeship of Acolyte Vandheer Tarwae.

    The Interview Zabić teaches a Class.

    A Phenomenal Exchange with Juggernaut Audroti.

    Returning Home Zabić's reunion with her Master.

    In the Market Square PvP Duel with Crusader Rookwrr The Black.

    Spear By Which to Pierce Fate training under Weiss.

    Sith Mission-Corrupted Matrix.

    The day she introduced her Apprentice to her Master newly returned and advanced to venerable Darth status, her Apprentice secretly disrespected her Master in his heart. Zabić sensed this terrible transgression. The anger she felt caused her to walk away from her station, she would teach no more, the current lot of Acolytes distasteful, thankless and egotistical. She saw them as they are, not respectful of a superior's power or rank. She wanted to kill her first Apprentice, but then she'd probably have to kill a whole lot more of them just to make herself happy.

    Coming off her hiatus, she mingled for a short time with her peers, trained under Lord Weiss, served her duty in missions for the Imperium. Life still felt the grand disappointment. Zabić volunteered to serve onboard an Imperial ship. To her dismay, she preferred to be alone on missions, maybe just preferred she not serve alongside men! She realized she has grown rather tired of their dominating ways! Her new habit of escaping her ship for the transport vessel, gave her the time she needed to think. What she shall discover is yet unknown. But she did search under the guise that she would hunt for the recent defector, one of her past teachers, Sith Master Executioner Xanthus.

    Life itself felt mundane. Her sense of unity and family dissipated. She could have been labeled temporarily insane. Insane is a term a Sith can be termed when they walk away from everything that has been drilled into them for decades, and go out in search of something new and different. Zabić had no concrete evidence that anything other than what she was taught did actually exist, she just left it all behind on a whim. In reality, it can honestly be claimed that Zabić was lead away through the powerful influence of the Force in her life.

    The first person she met on her path to ultimate transition was none other than the Jedi Grandmaster herself. Zabić of course had no idea about the identity of the woman she had met, but they had a candid conversation about life. The most concrete evidence of Zabić's ascent towards a new way of thinking struck her when she peered into the face of the perfect new life of Ebberla Daw's love child. Zabić's heart crushed, as something she could not define gripped hold of her, sparking the most dramatic series of cascading transformation to begin to evolve within her core. The Sith Crusader further broke away from the only way of life she knew to exist. She could not return to her superiors without her sudden changes being instantly noticed, so she did not.

    She could feel it already. The clear distinction between the old, tainted, heartened life energy, against the contrast of the new and innocent. She almost hesitated the instant before finally gently grasping hold of the baby. But she felt so compelled to experience what the hype is all about. All at once the alien sensation of absolute love consumed her. There was an underlying aspect of the child with which she could identify, her darkness, and another she did not understand, the light, for it was never introduced to her. She couldn't just instantly lay the child back down! How could she?! She wasn't rude! She is still entirely curious! And, she is a Sith Crusader! However the feeling which welled up inside her, caused her eyes to instantly pressed to tear. 'What medicine is this?! You're just a baby! How long has it been already? Two seconds?! Surely you couldn't be the end of big bad Zabić! No! That's just absolutely ridiculous! Look here, the clock has only just begun to count! I said I would give anything to hold you for one minute...and there is no way you are going to break me in that little course of time. I’ve lived more than the actual number of years I’ve been alive here. And you, precious child, are just a baby!'

    Zabić could not tear her eyes away from the child's gaze. The look that cast over her face, is one she never wore prior to this moment in time. 'Has our Empress gotten word of you yet? No, certainly she has not! She would take away your Light side.' Zabić thought of the Empress' rampant acts of Genocide around the Galaxy. ‘If you were Jedi, she would kill you.’ “There. There. No need for that,” she consoled softly. ‘I certainly wouldn’t give you up to her for that terrible deed! You're just a baby. Don't cry, precious.' Zabić raised the baby to her chest and rocked her. 'Mommies are much more to fear than a grouchy old goddess.' The child settled once again.

    Then it hit Zabić. 'You are very perceptive; aren't you?' Had the Light not flooded into Zabić, her blood would have run cold the instant she realized herself to be in the presence of Jedi. Drakus did play them up in his stories so much to vilify them. 'Well, at least you won't have to worry about a lifetime of thankless servitude and loneliness throughout your life. That's right, serve the Sith and they expect you to thank them! But you see, your Mommy did very well. Afterall she managed to do well enough to bring you into life. A Sith is meant to be a Sith first and foremost, over family, over natural design.’ Her own reflection actually startled her. She meant what she thought, but hadn't realized that she actually believed this way until now.

    'But my how you are addicting! I'm afraid that you know it perfectly well. How long has it been now? Forty-five seconds? I’m more than halfway through! Let it be noted that I did not allow this! But I'm curious, how do you do it? It's suffocating, you know. I suppose you couldn't tone it down a bit? I refuse...' With each and every coo, a wave of the unknown hit her stronger. The feeling progressed to become overwhelming. But sadness waited on the horizon, for Zabić knew she would never have a little bundle of delight, such as this one who knew of the Light, ever in her entire life. No Sith child is ever born in any Light. Did her sudden conscious awareness of that fact ever break something special, some secret desire that never before made it to her surface!! ‘But you’re just a baby…’

    Zabić’s minute was up, but she didn’t let go. Something was stopping her. Closing her eyes, she bent down her face to the little carrier of pure love and she inhaled deeply. Her mind raced to put labels on the particular smell. It was a perfume, the scent of newness and perfection. “You're simply something every woman needs!” The Light, on the other hand, she became increasingly aware, is a more desperate desire, which could frightfully easily become her obsession, which she never before would have thought she could crave. Suddenly, those tears which fought to start at the beginning of her ordeal, managed to succeed and to fall.

    Not long after her initial meeting with the Jedi, Zabić met Jedi Watchman Lucien Fang. From her first moments spent with him, she learned that her presumptions of the other side of the Galactic Core were erroneous. She learned that common people do not deserve her animosity, that she has a higher purpose in life than to assist their oppressor. She learned from a child what love is, and how to look at life and the world as she once did during her youth, before tragedy struck and warped her memories. Unwilling to simply let him go and move on, Lucien’s presence and influence is intertwined with her further evolution. Her path and purpose is completely altered.

    (@Ral or @Ral Aran) Zabić's path lead her to next meet with the newly appointed Jedi Councilor Kai Sera. She had been utterly intrigued by him from the moment she met him. He dealt with her in ways that no one had ever dared before, often leaving her shaking her head at his brazen attitude and his teasing. They worked together at the time she became inducted into the Jedi Order. It didn't take long for her to develop a deep connection to him. He lead her into the Temple of Ognisty. There, Zabić dealt with her past, which helped her to shed her inhibitions and also develop a stronger connection to the Light of the Force. She and Kai grew closer still, so much that she pondered marriage to him, a union he hinted to himself. Zabić wasn't the type of young woman to grow so attached and give so much of herself to every man she meets. He had been her first, and likely her last.

    She would have followed him anywhere in the Galaxy he would desire to go, being with him was that much fun, something she didn't ever have in her past, something she wanted for her future...until she found out Kai Sera, a so-called reverent Jedi Master and Councilman, was nothing but a cold-hearted tramp. Zabić got an earful of just what Kai was up to from quite a few young women, all Jedi. Frankly, she wondered if the Jedi Council would have supported him, would they too hear word of his inclination toward philandering. She hadn't expected such insincere behavior from him or anyone calling themselves a Jedi. Such was prevalent among the rest of the Galaxy where society was apathetic.

    She wouldn't beat herself up over his treatment of her though; no woman can escape falling for at least one man like him during her lifetime. If anything, instead of leaving the Jedi, Zabić taught classes and offered other young girls her voice of experience. She would say to them, "See that man? Watch what he does and learn, and stay far, far away from the likes of him." Zabić would consciously do just that, evade him at all cost.

    Apparently she had put these people on some sort of proverbial pedestal early on during her introduction to the Jedi way of life. She was quite glad to learn of her error before it was too late, before she allowed herself to be far too lost in him that she could not find herself without him, as feeling women do. Her error, Kai had ungraciously corrected for her, especially since taking on his own Apprentice as her romantic replacement, an inappropriate relationship unbeknownst to her at first, of course. Zabić's error lead her to conclude, Jedi are not infallible. Not all of them have a heart either.

    In a perfect Galaxy though, someday she will sneak up on him and kill him. "Keep trying to attain peace everyone!"


    The Mask meeting Jedi Grandmaster Ebberla Daw and baby.

    So This Is The Other Side Of The Galactic Core meeting Watchman Lucien Fang.

    Transcendence awaiting Lucien's trial.

    The Final Steps Zabić meets Master Kai Sera.

    The Fields of Chandrila mission with Master Kai Sera.

    Around the Dinner Table

    Glimmers of Hope





    Stare at Kitty..​


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  2. Jake

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    An interesting profile, and well written! I rather like this character. However, as I'm sure many will come rushing to tell you in a moment, as an acolyte you probably won't have any 'advanced' skills. The other things there seem relatively par for the course as far as basic abilities, but you will want to make them all Novice (or whatever the lowest level of your skill ladder will be).

    I don't have any active Sith at the moment, but I'd love to RP with you sometime!
  3. Mistress

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    Thank you. :)
  4. Rom

    Rom Memes, dawg. Memes.

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    I like the character, though I do have two things

    A) Alter Environment and Invisibility are two skills that are rather advanced for an acolyte to know at the gate and are usually learned through Roleplay and training rather than at the start of the character
    2) What is Leading Lives??
  5. Mistress

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    Actually I will reformat the Force Powers. It's really just the basic list of the catagories with no specifics. I intend to look over the list and write some things into those categories. :) I may be able to look into editing that today.

    As for the Prima Vitae on wookiepedia, it doesn't have an explanation, but its Latin for Leading Life or First Life. I am hoping that somebody reading it might have a clue as to what Force Powers fall under that category.
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  6. Mistress

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    I thought what one might be taught the basics of during time spent on a journey such as is stated in her bio. How does that look now?
  7. Davad

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    Interesting fact, the name is Polish for "to kill".
  8. Rom

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    As much as the biography mentions training, new character Acolytes usually only start with the Core powers (Push/Pull/Sense/Jump/Speed/Telepathy/Telekinesis) and tend to grow from there through training and class and mission threads.
  9. Mistress

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    Suppose it would be less confusing if this info were searchable in the profile template. I hope I just didn't miss it altogether.

    Thank you for the guidance. I left a spoiler about what I would like to see the character learn. But that could change.
  10. Marzi

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    I'm curious, which celebrity are you using for her pictures? I'm a fan of Gong Li, whom I will be using for Satoryu when she hits crusader level ^^

    I like the character :) Only thing I can nitpick is that 5' is very short for a 19 year old, especially one weighing 120 lbs. I'm 19 and considered short at 5'4".
  11. Malakhov

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    I believe it's Ginnifer Goodwin.
  12. jaydee

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    Yes. Ginnifer Goodwin was one of the stars from the show "Big Love" which my wife loved. I know her as Snow White from the show "Once Upon a Time" and I know she's been in a ton of other stuff that I just don't know.

    Oh. Really liked the backstory. Well done.
  13. Livgardist

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    I likey. She seems like a rather interesting girl. :D I look forward to seeing her in action.
  14. Mistress

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    Thank you.

    Yes, Ginnifer Goodwyn.
    And Martha, I have her listed as a body sculptor. :)

    I know someone who used Gong Li on another site. She has alot of beautiful pictures.
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  15. EnderM5

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    Cool, sorry to necro this, but are you Polish? Zabic means to kill in Polish.

    If yes, then welcome from a fellow Pole.
  16. Mistress

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    Haha! My oldest known ancestors date back to 50AD as Marcinkiewicz, so yes I'm quite proud of that. And hello.

    I just put "to kill" into a translator application and chose the best sounding translation actually.
  17. EnderM5

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    Hmm. Oh well. Still good to see someone relatively new. Even though you only joined a few months after me.
  18. Mistress

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    50AD incites a mere "oh well?"
  19. EnderM5

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    Ah, I see what you meant. Well, then congrats. My bloodline is also pure Polish.
  20. Mistress

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    Edited for updates.