You've Got To Be Kidding Me

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    Narriel ducked under a swipe that was aimed for her fance and punched her opponent, a female Zabrak, in the ribs before ramming her head into the woman's abdomen, wrapping her arms around her legs and taking her down to the ground in a fluid motion. The audience cheered, half of them at least, and she had enough time to enter a sloppy mount before the Zabrak had snatched her arm, kicking her legs under and around the Zeltron's body and putting her into a fairly lethal arm bar, pulling at the joint immediately. Pain flooded through her arm, and she rolled backward, displacing her aching arm from the Zabrak's grasp long enough to pull it free, and then getting pushed to the ground again. This was bad. Her opponent had gotten into a full mount, and immediately sent punches at her face, dulled by the protection of her arms. The other half of the bloodthirsy crowd was cheering now. Narriel had to do something. Fast. Or this was all over. She shoved her hips upward to knock the woman off balance, then grabbed the Zabrak's left arm and looping it around her head, while also shoving her sideways. The Zeltron's leg stretched around the Zabrak's neck and brought her to the ground, and Narriel was quick to spin on top with her opponent facing down. The Zabrak tried to tuck her chin and keep it from a chokehold, but Nara dug her thumb deep into the area between the neck and jaw, snapping her hand up and taking the chokehold, pulling the two onto her back while also bracing against the Zabrak's head with her other arm. A quick squeeze, and the other woman tapped out, with the crowd cheering. She released and stood, holding out a hand to help her fellow fighter up as the horn sounded. The Zabrak took it, and she clapped the Zeltron on the shoulder as a sign of respect before the referee took control and announced the winner.

    Herrith looked over the barrier as the winner of the fight, a Zeltron with blonde hair, passed. She locked eyes with the woman, a strange feeling of familiarity washing over her before a guard blocked her view and they continued on. She looked to her sister, Sya, and grabbed her by the arm, guiding her outside. This was just an undercard fight, and they hadn't paid to get in. But the smuggler had to see this. The name tugged at her mind, Narriel, and the family name, Hendarsin, was definitely hers. They were related, but how? Running out of the stadium, she managed to catch the fighter exiting the building, and slowed. Sya was somewhere behind, slower than her nimble older sister. Nara stopped and stared at the two, narrowing her eyes slightly before approaching. Nobody was following her out, she looked poor and definitely wasn't a main card professional.

    "Who are you, exactly? I get fans that try to run up all the time, but you're...different."

    The two of them locked eyes, and Nara's gaze cleared as though a veil were lifted.

    Herrith remained silent, a confused look on her face. She knew her name. Why? The fighter suddenly brought her in for a hug, emotions streaming wildly as Sya caught up, panting and looking between the two in confusion. Tears streamed from Nara, and Herrith soon returned the hug, suddenly aware of who she was. The name. This was...her older sister?

    " I missing something here?" inquired Sya, still not entirely understanding.

    The two sisters pulled apart from the embrace and faced their youngest sibling. Nara had never seen her before, but she looked familiar. Like their parents. Like Herrith, too, in a way.

    "Sya...this is your oldest sister. You weren't even born before she..."

    Tears were in her eyes. Nara glanced between the two and finished the sentence.
    "Got kidnapped. But I've just got one question...what the hell are ny two younger sisters doing in the Outer Rim?"

    Well, that was quite the story.

    Here they were.

    Hendarsins. All of them. The parents didn't count. Couple of keetar fregs.