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 Your own Star Wars story?

Discussion in 'The Star Wars Saga' started by Brandon Rhea, May 20, 2018.

  1. TwoSidedHeart

    TwoSidedHeart Eternal Contradiction

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    A T.V Special where Snoke, Yoda and Palpatine all sit in a room and try to out troll the others. It would be iconic, truly iconic.
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  2. Brandon Rhea

    Brandon Rhea Site Owner Site Owner

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    The Space Office
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  3. Loco

    Loco Tech Admin / Site Mascot RP Administrator

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    The Comedy Central Roast of Mace Windu
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  4. Algarus

    Algarus Lord of the Meh

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    One foot in the grave, another foot out the Windu
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  5. TheRevanchist

    TheRevanchist Member

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    STAR WARS: Rule of Two
    The epic telling of Darth Bane's rise, and fall?
    Boba's early years in between ep 3 and 5
    Boba crawling from the sarlaac(who care about plot just boba killing lots of people, he's passed been in a sarlaacs stomach and some has to pay.)
    I still refuse to believe his apprentice won, and think that he has always been THE SITH LORD just making sure his next body is strong enough for him, before stealing their body. I like my sith everlasting.
  6. fasteagle190

    fasteagle190 The Fastest Eagle You Know

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    I just want Grand Admiral Thrawn to be canonized. If they made the Thrawn Trilogy into canon movies, it even "alternate universe" movies, my life would be complete.
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  7. Sith Slayer

    Sith Slayer New Member

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    I would direct a star killer mini series, run time would be similar to works like The Stand. It would follow Galen Marek from birth until he is cloned, and would have a different story than the games.
  8. Elbas Almasy

    Elbas Almasy New Member

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    Ahsoka's near death experience of trying to outrun order 66 in every nook and cranny she can find. Girl should have her own show after the heartbreaking ending she had on Clone Wars.
  9. Luster

    Luster Old New Hand

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    I have actually been tossing these ideas for a few years now, but I'd like to see a series of books (or maybe even a show) about a team of imperial intelligence agents tracking down and eliminating rebel cells and activity. Kind of like how Wraith squadron was written but focusing on the imperial side.

    Also had one about a surveyor (kind of akin to and 18th/19th century naturalist) that flies into the unknown regions to document the unusual stuff she finds.
  10. AutoFox

    AutoFox Most Dangerous Floof Tech Moderator

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    I would produce a live-action series set during the post-Clone Wars era, focusing around a Separatist holdout group. The series would follow their efforts to survive the Empire's mop-up operations, have them witness the horrors of Imperial reprisals and other atrocities, and follow the group's personal struggles and ideological shifts as they transition from a Separatist holdout to a cell of the growing Rebel Alliance. Characters would include a former member of the Separatist Parliament, a mercenary who came out on the losing side, a mixed squad of reactivated battle droids, a patriotic Separatist starfighter ace and a broken-down Jedi Knight who escaped Order 66, only to have to side with his old enemies to survive.
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  11. Danee

    Danee Doot

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    I'm a huge fan of the Empire, but most of all, I'm in love with everything in their navy, from the TIE Fighters to the Executor Super Star Destroyer, I love it all, and if I had the chance to make my own Star Wars story? I'd keep it focused where in my opinion it shines the best, in space aboard an Imperial II-Class Star Destroyer, with two main protagonists, one being a brand new TIE Pilot who is trying to survive the war and the other being the Commodore who is in command of the ship.

    Oh and I'd also love to see a non-canon official book about what could have happened if either Luke signed up to the Imperial Accademy as he mentioned to his friend in a deleted scene from Episode 4 or if the Empire actually managed to destroy Yavin IV.
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  12. Abherrantform

    Abherrantform New Member

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    Fear and Loathing in Mos Eisley.

    "We were somewhere outside Beggars Canyon, in the middle of the Dune Sea, when the drugs began to take hold . . ."

    (Que speeder zooming across desert)
  13. Commodore

    Commodore King of Apples

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    A standalone film of the viewpoint of the Empire during it's glorious days.