Xiarr Khal

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    ► 28
    ► Human
    ► 180.34 cm (5'11)
    ► 81.65 kg (180 lbs)
    ► Blue
    ► Brown
    ► Lothal
    ► XY
    ► N/A
    ► N/A
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    Xiarr was born on Lothal and throughout his childhood he was groomed to be a rancher. Just like his father, and his father's father before him, and his father's father's father before him. In fact, Xiarr's entire lineage stretching back several generations had been moderately successful ranchers. They had all been born on, lived on, died on, and been buried on the same plot of slowly expanding land.

    Despite the simplicity of his life, Xiarr never had any qualms or complaints about it. He never felt the need for adventure, outside of the occasional hunting or tracking trip. In fact, Xiarr was satisfied with his lot in life. It put food on his table, kept his family warm at night, put credits in his pocket, and most importantly it gave him a purpose. Something that changed as industrialization in Lothal's sector began to dramatically effect the demand for meat rancher's offered. Instead of farm raised animals, people began to purchase meats, eggs, and other animal products from mass bred, and in some cases, cloned animals from giant corporations.

    While these corporations had always been a threat to the Khal's way of life, the pressure these companies could exert was never felt until then. The price on animal products dropped as the production companies flexed the influence they held over the market and many ranchers found out first hand that they simply could not compete. Xiarr and his young family were no different, each year Xiarr was forced to sell chunks of his land in order to feed his pregnant wife and himself. This forced Xiarr into more desperate measures to ensure food remained on his table.

    Hunting without a license was illegal but often overlooked if someone was taking a single stag to place food on their table. However, what Xiarr began doing was not taking a simple stag, no. Instead, the young man began poaching wildlife to sell their pelts on black markets in order to force ends to meet within his household. It was a dangerous job and one that Xiarr knew he would eventually get caught doing, it was only a matter of time.

    Xiarr's prediction proved true, after a brief period that only lasted five months, he was caught by Imperial Guards. He was then dragged off, taken before the Imperial Governor, and due to the rise in poachers, made an example of. Xiarr was sentenced to five years in labor camp to repay what he had stolen from the Empire. Xiarr was not allowed to bid his wife farewell, he was not present for his child's birth, and eventually he lost all contact with the family he had given everything up for.

    Upon his release, Xiarr returned to his old homestead and found that it had been re-purposed, as many farms and ranches had been, into training garrisons. Xiarr quickly learned of the civil war that had sprang to life and briefly hoped that perhaps he could find work within the military. A hope that was snuffed out before it even had an opportunity to flicker into something worthy of thought.

    Xiarr was a former convict, the series of numbers that had been branded on his left cheek, just beneath his eye were a testament to that. In fact, Xiarr quickly learned that finding work anywhere on Lothal was nearly impossible, as was accessing public star travel to get off world. It was then that a terrible realization struck Xiarr, he couldn't escape the planet and he couldn't survive on it, at least not by legal means.

    With that in mind, Xiarr returned to the fur trade, this time with a bit of tact and with a monetary goal in mind. After a few weeks of careful poaching he had the credits he needed to not only get him off world, but to get him out of Imperial Space and to the closest adversary of the Sith. He wanted vengeance for the life he had lost due to the Empire, he wanted to survive without fear, but most importantly he wanted a place to belong. Thus, his eyes turned to the Mandalorians.
    Xiarr is a man fiercely determined to survive at all costs. Having lost his family, his reputation, but more importantly his land he had realized that survival inside the Empire is neigh impossible for him. Pair this with the fact he firmly blames the Empire’s laws for forcing him into a lifestyle that landed him in a Labor camp in the first place and that determination to survive also becomes a lust for vengeance.

    While Xiarr had a family before his imprisonment, he now firmly believes them to be dead. Unable to fathom how the wife and child of a convict could survive without him, Xiarr has allowed himself to begrudgingly accept their perceived demise. Thus, he does not actively seek out leads to potential whereabouts and instead focuses on his personal survival. Despite this, Xiarr still wears his wedding ring, perhaps a physical manifestation of some lingering subconscious self hope that his family could still be alive in the galaxy.

    As a person, Xiarr is motivated by a single and simple goal, to carve out a life that will bring him some measure of happiness and success. He doesn’t long for stories, songs, or honors given or written about him. Instead, he simply wishes for a place to call home, an environment that will allow him to take his revenge, and a patch of land to raise livestock on. Despite his lack of formal military training, Xiarr is willing to fight for whomever or whatever presents these opportunities to him.
    Animal Skin Clothes
    ZA-13 Blaster Pistol
    A10 Long Blaster
    Hunting/Skinning Knife


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