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    Cardinal walked down the long hallway of the Estate. On both sides of him, he had his men for support, he might need them depending on how today went. Cardinal stopped at the door to the conference room and instructed his men to wait outside, they wouldn't be allowed in, only members of the Mafia with actual Paroaria blood were allowed to the meeting. The doors opened for Cardinal, and he stepped inside, the long table in the center of the room occupied by high-ranking members of the Mafia. At the head of the table sat the Boss, Roman Paroaria. Cardinal nodded to the group and took a seat at the opposite side of his father. The room was buzzing with curiosity as to why the meeting was set up, and why they were all summoned. As soon as Cardinal entered, the room became quiet, the member's eyes meeting Cardinal's searching for clues as to why they were all gathered.

    "Thank you all for being here, I know you all have issues to deal with, but I am here for a great purpose. First I would like to report that my fellow Underboss was killed in a skirmish at a local storage facility. He was brave and commanded his soldiers to the best of his ability. Unfortunately, he was shot down by rival gang members." Cardinal paused, looking into the eyes of all the attending members, which added up was ten. Cardinal wondered if anyone suspected Cardinal assassinated the man, which technically he didn't he had one of his soldiers do the dirty work. Cardinal continued, "The real purpose of my visit here and this meeting, is that I believe that I have proven myself to the Mafia, and to the Boss. With the approval of the committee, I would like to take over the Mafia and control all assets. I have Paroaria blood and direct lineage to the Boss himself, I have proven myself capable as a fearless leader in combat and courageously waged war against our common enemies." Several members present who were loyal or supported Cardinal nodded their heads. Others simply glared at Cardinal. "With a vote, I would like to take over the Mafia, or at least, work with the Boss, my father." Cardinal knew his father, a greedy, selfish monster who wanted the galaxy. The meeting wouldn't end with a fight Cardinal knew, he hoped it wouldn't happen, but it was inevitable.

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