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    Being sent on a mission to obtain medical supplies for possible Sith Alchemy test subjects wasn't something Kalanda would normally agree to, but here she was, doing just that. Her experience on Atlas had taught her that maybe going around in Sith robes wouldn't end well; after all she hardly made it off that world alive. She looked far less noticeable attire, looking more akin to a well endowed noble woman than anything, not even keeping her lightsaber with her; she had started to dislike the weapon after all, given she had lost it on Dathomir with Eithni not that long ago. In fact, she was unarmed, though with the force was one ever really unarmed? Mid had been sending her on small missions to help with his side projects, after all, he was a busy Sith; being one of the few lords meant he was always stacked on his time.

    The past few months, she found herself wondering about where her future in the Empire was to be. Without Mid, she didn't have any real connections, other than Amur and Eithni...she was rather lacking of friends. Then there was Reuben. Poor weak Reuben, so caught up in the lies of the order, he couldn't break himself free from it. The poor boy had a future, he had the will, but he didn't use it. If only she could get him to turn as she had with Avan, that would actually make her....kinda happy. The thought brought a small smile to her face, though it quickly vanished at realizing the improbability of such a thing. It was never going to happen. When they were to meet on the field of battle, they would have to kill each other. There was no way around it, and yet...she couldn't bring herself to do it. She knew she couldn't. Thoughts like this accompanied her through out the day, as she purchased her supplies, and settled on taking a break at a cafe. With a dark coffee in hand, Kalanda sat there, looking out at the endless ocean, wondering what her life was to become. The just didn't feel right, the guilt, the lies, the murder, it stabbed at her and festered like a wound. She liked the order it brought, the idea of it, it was like a nice warm blanket to wrap yourself in at the dead of night. And yet, that warmth was fading, the cold was starting to take her over. As much as she tried to ignore it, at this rate she was going to last. That was the truth, as much as she disliked it.