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    The Sleeper

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    Healing wounds and make one near-invisible

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    Water of Life

    "Bring the Water of Life."

    The use of the magical substance called Water of Life is dated as far back in time as the Nightsister's themselves. It's an employment of Spirit Ichor, which is the base for all magick employed by the Nightsisters of Dathomir and is said to come from channelling the Winged Goddess, manifested as luminous green smoke.

    The Sleeper
    The Sleeper is a large ancient creature native to Dathomir. It was capable of movement on land and water, although its tentacles better suited it for underwater travel. The Sleeper possessed a large, crustacean-like carapace covering over its body and had four appendages, two sickle-like legs and a pair of massive, blue tentacles. Its eyes were very complex, able to see five or ten more colours than a near-human. It was possible that it could also see in the Force as well.

    Despite the description of the Sleeper, it varies from person to person. Some claimed it was the same hue as the water. others said it was pure white. Some even told that the Sleeper had enormous eyes and pincers. A few said it had tentacles. Though the one thing everyone agrees on is that they were terrified.

    For those that do intent on confronting the great beast of Dathomir's depth, would be in great danger as the Sleeper is a very ancient but powerful being. In a fight, the flat, teardrop-shaped scales beneath its eyes would turn from green to red, signalling the creature's intent to attack. Getting too close to the creature in combat is dangerous, as contact with this the Sleeper could cause powerful hallucinations. The hallucinations would twist and turn a person's worse nightmares and could be anything the person feared the most.

    There are two known ways to get the required flesh from the Sleeper. The first way and the safest is to lure the Sleeper from its slumber and force it to remove a piece of its body. The second way is to slay the beast, but that is very much forbidden for anyone to do as that would destroy the ability to make Water of Life ever again. Due to being a core part of Nightsister's culture and a secret only shared among the clans, its very difficult for an outsider to acquire the knowledge. Brewing the concoction was a rite of passage for a Nightsister. However, it wasn't unheard of for a Nightsister to acquire new flesh from the Sleeper, to brew more Water of Life. In order to learn of the secret for an outsider, they would have to convince or force a Nightsister to tell them. (2-3 threads for Nightsisters and 3-4 for non-Nightsisters.).

    After one has extracted flesh of the Sleeper, they must boil the flesh and brew a concoction with the piece of the Sleeper was then boiled with water from the pool that the creature came from. By doing so, the flesh will liquefy itself with the water, forming to what the Nightsisters calls Water of Life. The colour of the concoction will turn to a green poisonous looking colour, which got a faint glow to it.

    The Water of Life was used primarily for healing purposes and had the capability to bring people and creatures back from near-death situations. While it would be possible to bring a person back from the dead, but the resurrected would lose their mind and go mad with hallucinations of Sleeper, battling the ancient beast for the rest of their life within their mind. (Only a level 4 Nightsister Matriarch or Dark Side practitioner is capable of doing it.)

    To provide and expand on Nightsister lore on the site for anyone who wants to make a Nightsister character.

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