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    Now that we are a couple weeks into the timeline, the staff team has decided to launch our new Wanted Ads System. This system is meant to promote activity in factions that need activity, in order to keep the timeline healthy and going strong for as long as possible. Remember that if one side becomes inactive or has low activity for a long span of time, or is totally destroyed, that tends to spell the end of a timeline.

    Faction Activity is ranked on the following scale:

    Critically Low - Low - Medium - High

    These ranks take active characters, faction plots, mission pack activity and PvP activity into consideration. Depending on how a faction is ranked on the above scale, they will have certain bonuses available or not available.

    High - No Bonuses Available
    Medium - Generally no Bonuses Available unless all other factions are High
    Low - Bonuses Available
    Critically Low - All Bonuses Available

    Types of Bonuses

    Character Creation Bonus
    All new characters created for the faction are able to apply for a 50 credit bonus.

    Character Activity Bonus - Tier 1
    Characters in the faction who have 20 posts or more and have participated in either a faction plot or faction mission may apply for a 50 credit bonus. Does not stack with Tier 2.

    Character Activity Bonus- Tier 2
    Characters with 20 posts or more and have participated in PvP may apply for a 50 credit bonus. Does not stack with Tier 1.

    Mission Leader Bonus
    Characters who have successfully lead/hosted and completed a Faction Plot or Faction Mission Pack may apply for a 75 credit bonus.

    You may only apply for each bonus ONCE per character, however Tier bonuses do not stack so you can only apply for one or the other. Basically, you can apply for the Character Creation Bonus, a Tier Bonus and a Mission Leader Bonus for the same character if said character fulfills all the requirements and the bonuses are available.

    In order to claim these rewards, you must fulfill the requirements from the current date onward (2019-01-11, the launch day of the Wanted Ad System). You cannot submit plot threads, PvP, mission packs, etc that were completed before the aforementioned date.

    Current Faction Rankings and Available Bonuses

    Galactic Alliance
    Activity Rank: HIGH
    Bonuses Available: N/A

    Imperial Republica
    Activity Rank: LOW
    Bonuses Available: Character Activity Bonus - Tier 1, Mission Leader Bonus

    Old Empire
    Activity Rank: CRITICALLY LOW
    Bonuses Available: Character Creation Bonus, Character Activity Bonus - Tier 1, Character Activity Bonus- Tier 2, Mission Leader Bonus


    Activity Rank: HIGH
    Bonuses Available: N/A

    To apply for a bonus, or to keep updated on available bonuses and activity rankings, simply go to the Special Credit Submissions thread in the Character Profiles forum.

    If you have any questions please feel free to ask them in this thread and we'll do our best to answer them. However, please read this post thoroughly before posting questions.
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