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    NAME: Unit designation WAC-00
    FACTION: Independent
    SPECIES: Pit Droid
    AGE: Approximately five years old
    GENDER: Gender-neutral programming
    HEIGHT: 1.19 meters
    WEIGHT: 35 kilograms
    EYE: Black
    SKIN: Tan

    STRENGTH: Pit Droids are designed to lift objects many times their own weight or size, this grants WAC-00 with seemingly immense strength for its small size and stature
    DEXTERITY: its small size and strong limbs grant it remarkable speed and agility.
    CONSTITUTION: Although Pit Droids are built for labor and repair, its small size is both a blessing and a curse when threatened by larger beings, as it's not actually built for combat in any way. As such, it has zero protection against specialized ion weaponry and will still suffer considerable damage from baseline blasters or sufficiently strong meelee weapons (i.e. vibroblades, massive sledgehammers etc.)
    INTELLIGENCE: WAC-00's databanks possess programs granting it expert repair and maintenance skills, and control of basic motor functions. Its sapience is still working on actually making sense of its new perspective on the world around it, and actually acquire new knowledge.
    WISDOM: Currently, the main instinct still controlling WAC-00's actions is its self-preservation directive. Despite how recent its sentience is, the turbulent circumstances under which it arose has granted the droid with a (un)healthy dose of suspicion against organics, worried that they might be plotting to reprogram it to its mindless self.
    CHARISMA: It's possible that people might find a wayward, intelligent Pit Droid cute in some fashion, but WAC-00's ability to capitalize on that is essentially nonexistent.

    'Personality' is still a bit of a generous term to describe WAC-00's behaviour. It's barely had time to focus on anything other than staying active and sentient for the better part of its new (and short) life.
    However, notable quirks and programming devations have started to emerge. For one, WAC-00 is fiercly protective of the right to self-determination, and will step in to defend it both for its own benefit or someone else's. It already possesses a strong appreciation for the value of teamwork, and is still as prepared to undertake a taxing repair or lifting job, only now in exchange for favors or pay that can help it stay active longer.​

    For the longest time, WAC-00 was just a completely ordinary Pit Droid, working in the Pod Racer pits on Tatooine. It did its job faithully and efficiently, and thought nothing of it.
    That was until one day, when one of WAC-00's fellow Pit Droids was supposed to be granted sentience as a reward for faithful service. A mistake was made, however, and WAC-00 was chosen and "manumitted" in its stead.
    So when WAC-00 'woke up' for the first time, it was immediately forced to fight for its newfound sentience, and flee from its home and owner.
    By disguising itself as cargo, WAC-00 managed to get passage offworld, at first ending up on Nar Shaddaa.
    On the Smuggler's Moon, WAC-00 found itself relatively safe ('safe' being a very generous term) to start exploring its newfound self-determination. It figured out that it wanted to learn more about what its newfound perspective on things could mean to it, and decided to begin learning to fix and maintain starships, so that it could offer its services in exchange for passage between worlds.
    Currently, WAC-00 is leading this very spartan, simple life, seeking out conversation and interaction with other sentients at every turn, trying to find out what it means to be 'alive'.​

    Repair, maintenance, labor, teamwork, programming​

    WAC-00 is a gifted and talented engineer and mechanic, learned both through programming and experience, it possesses intricate knowledge and understanding of most vehicle systems and functions, and continues to expand it mechanical skillset whenever it can.
    It is highly adept at concentrating on a specific task and ignoring distractions, but also has a strong penchant for teamwork and is not afraid to take orders from someone whom it can tell knows what they're talking about.

    On the other hand, its social skills are non-existent (which is not the same as saying they're bad, they just don't exist), its still-developing mind is young and naive, and its lack of serious material wants or needs can lead it to being taken advantage of in a way most organic sentients would notice quickly.​

    - A big selection of various tools, including hydrospanners, wrenches, blowtorches etc. in order to ensure that it can carry out its job effectively. Its main wrench (seen above) can also serve as an improvised weapon when swung with his surprising strength.
    - A small backpack to keep said tools in.




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    I like the name pun. Only noticed it because I read Artemis fowl the lost colony, and theirs a similar joke with No1 the imp.
    Really, really like the character, and I'll probably keep tabs on him, due to a plan I have to eventually kill off one of my charecters and replace him with an intelligent droid.
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    XD love the consept!