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 Voren Dhur

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    Voren Dhur was a human male, born on Corellia, who operated as a Journalist who operated mostly during the close of the Fire of the Rebellion period of galactic history. Serving as a war correspondent for the Hyperlane Herald, Voren also work as an investigative reporter, on a freelance basis whenever he could get the time. A cynic, Voren saw the Galaxy at its worst no matter where he headed, and that formed a basis for his writing - making him a contraversial and acquired taste with his readers.


    Born on Corellia to a pair of factory workers, Voren was not bound for a life of glamour and fame - nor did he ever want one.

    Barely scraping through school, he took a job as an assistant to a holodocumentarian, who was more interested in using his 'street smarts' to make a good movie, than he was in actually improving Vorens life prospects. Voren was to stay with the man for nearly two years, before his employer was gunned down by thugs in the Coronet slums, and Voren was left unemployed, but in the possession of some reasonably servicable reporting kit. Deciding to make the best he could with the hand life had dealt him, he made off with the equipment, and became a freelance reporter.

    His fast-and-loose attitude lost him him his first few jobs, but as his style developed, he was eventually picked up by the spacers publication, the Hyperlane Herald as one of their war correspondents, falling in rapidly with figures within the rebellion shortly after, as the Herald began to align its reporting more in tune with their message.

    And the rest, as they say, is history.

    Personality and Traits

    A proud believer in the somewhat bandied around concept that journalists are 'guardians of the truth', Voren adheres to that maxim to the letter, often at the detriment of his own career. He is a blunt, sarcastic and often downright rude individual, whose desire to see the truth exposed and the corrupt shown for what they are, has landed him in trouble more times than he can count. Despite his outward appearance as an unkempt, heavy drinking, smoke washed loser, he is a survivalist, able to cope in harsh conditions (often self inflicted) and to put up with the grit and spit of the unpleasant end of the galaxy.

    Drawn toward conflict, unrest and general nastiness in his quest for a good story, Voren is commpletely at ease behind the controls of a speeder, pistol in hand, as he is tucked away in a writing room - imparting his stories onto the holonet. Of course, without comprehensive military training, his skills in that department are limited to what he has picked up through practice, and requirement, with most of his talents coming in the form of the written and spoken word.

    Quick to make friends, often with the worst kinds of people, he is at home when surrounded by the scum of the Galaxy and finds the post 'how-d-you-do' like people of the galaxy to be some of the most unpleasant people around. Cynical to the extreme, he sees the worst in people, places and things, firmly believing that everyone is just trying to look out for themselves. It was, oddly, this belief that has driven him to the rebellion - within which he resides on the more anarchist fringe, supporting the idea of tearing down the established order, and rebuilding from the ground up.

    He stands at about 5'6'', weights around 85 ibs, and is not a force sensitive.


    Voren travels lightly, and makes use of basic equipment so as to not arouse suspicion (and because its dirt cheap, and being dirt poor, that's a good thing). Using a Chanti Blaster Pistol and a simple vibroblade, he can normally be seen dressed in Wanderers Rags. Most of his work is supported by a Bibliomech Droid, which can normally be found following him from A to B, or in the back seat of his SorSuub W10 Landspeeder.

    Personal equipment is naturally, something a journalist needs to be careful with - and Voren therefore makes use of a few small, yet sturdy, items to help with his work. Chiefly, a DTX-1480 Informaster is the main 'weapon' in his arsenal, alongside a commlink and a Universal Translating Device. For personal use he makes use of a Holoman Music Player, and for more important, and perhaps less legal work, he employs a Signal Tracer, Port Scanner and a TDS-1100 Portable Computer.