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    Birthplace of the Sith Empire.

    Ancestral home of the race known now as the Sith Purebloods.

    Dusty wind-trap full of old buildings, older tombs and the oldest Dark Objects in the Galaxy. Zeven had never been fond of Korriban, on any level, but one thing he enjoyed about the place was that it seemed to hate everyone equally. Everyone who stepped foot on Korriban got assaulted by the storms, the locals, the Dark Side or a combination of all of the above.

    But he needed it to hate something other than him today - today he needed Korriban to be a lot more giving in it's secrets than it typically was. That was why he was currently standing outside an ancient Sith Pureblood tomb, looking at the door to the strange pyramid with a scowl.

    The place stank of the Dark Side and he was reasonably sure that something inside could help him but, well, it was locked up tight and this tomb was actually rather close to some local purebloods. And by close he meant that there were literally two purebloods watching him with a scowl from about ten meters away.

    There was a small camp of Purebloods around this tomb - apparently it was a tradition to journey to this tomb. The person buried here had been something of a big shot, even if they had lived almost a thousand years ago now.

    "It's really awkward with you staring at me like that." he told them bluntly, "So go look at something else before I decide I might need to sacrifice a couple pureblood lives to open this door."

    They knew he was a former slave - they had greeted him as a Slave when he arrived - so they were unlikely to actually move. Which meant today was just going to keep on getting better.

    Fantastic, right?

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