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    Vian Windrider


    ► 22
    ► Human/Pureblood Half-breed
    ► 6'3"
    ► 225 lbs
    ► Brown
    ► XXX
    ► Male
    ► Old Empire
    ► Acolyte (1)
    ► Yes

    A descendant of Sith Master Vash Windrider. Vian Windrider was born into service to the empire by his mother Ara, a pureblood Sith who had a brief relationship with Vian's father. A human acolyte who perished with his Master when their ship was attacked by an un-named rebel cell. To honor the father Ara would give the boy his father's name.

    Vian raised within the core for the first ten years of his life. But as tensions rose between the Imperial Republica and the Old Empire, Ara would return to her home world and continue to raise her son on Korriban until her passing during a Kaggath challenge of her Master, Lord Zerek. Pleased with his apprentice's attempt he gave Ara an honor burial and took on Vian as his new apprentice when the young half-breed turned sixteen.

    As he had with his mother, Zerek would personally see to Vian's continued educations. Teaching his young apprentice everything from modern imperial academics, to Sith rites and rituals. As well as combat skills such as hand to hand, weapons training, and even piloting. Most importantly the force and dark side. The Lord held nothing back, going so far as to nearly take Vian's eye during training.

    Then Medriaas, Vian's Master would answer the call of the Dark Lord and arrive at the summit of his fellow Sith. Zerek would not escape the doomed planet alive. The dark side had seen fit to remove yet another Master. Vian would search the doomed rock, only to find his Master's weapon. He would use it to carve his forge his own path within the Old Empire.


    A 6'3" frame with an athletic build and features that seem to be cut from the hardened stone of Korriban's rocky canyons. With a bronze red skin color (red-ish tan) and weighs in around 225 respectfully. Adding to the rugged look is thick, neck length black hair, normally pulled back and a playfully scruff beard that is better maintained then it appears at first glance. While his eyes are a deep brown, when not fueled by the dark side and are then the trade mark yellow and red.

    Continuing the look, Vian prefers simplistic and casual clothing that offers comfort and utility. Softer but warm materials in dark or grey color tones. While his combat styles seem to have a preference for the intimidating and ominous.


    Vian is a sleeping rancor. Normally mild in manner and easy going but hard headed. Under that is wild ambition and imagination with little direction, easily driven by his emotions, especially his anger and hated which fuel his connection to the dark side. A student of two Pureblood and a witness to the demise of both he has twisted the rule of the Sith from "Rule of the Strong" to "Rule of Survival".


    Sith Armor
    2 - Red Lightsabers
    Utility Belt with medkit, datapad.

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    Hey @Taz
    There's just a few issues that I see. For starters, shouldn't he be half human and half Sith? If his mother was a Sith pureblood and his father was a human? Next, I'm not sure he could've escaped from Medriaas, which was less of a battle and more of an orbital massacre. Perhaps his master could've been the only to go and he got his scar some other way? Finally, the tech section. I understand you are going to add it later. Until its done though, it would best to remove it or link an already made set. Also, what all is in your utility belt? Without putting some specifics, it kinda becomes a bag of convivences.
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    @Narsi , think I hit all the edit points.
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